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Whether your mole is impacting your self-esteem, or you’re concerned about it being abnormal, our doctors can safely and effectively remove your mole with minimal downtime. We also provide a histology service, whereby the removed mole can be sent to a lab for diagnosis, for your peace of mind. There are different types of mole removal available at sk:n, including laser removal and excision. The method of removal depends on the size and shape of the mole. Our professionals in Chiswick will be able to select the correct procedure for your mole.

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sk:n is home to more consultant dermatologists, doctors, plastic surgeons, nurses and therapists, than any other UK dermatology service provider.

The sk:n team in Chiswick will ensure that your visit to the clinic is truly worthwhile: at sk:n we are passionate about helping you discover better skin.

So, whether you suffer from acne, unwanted facial hair, regret an old tattoo, or simply just want to freshen up your complexion – we have the most effective treatments on the market to help you achieve the results you long for.

Mole Removal in London Chiswick

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Mole Removal in Chiswick
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Can I get a mole removed on the NHS?

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Yes. However, in recent years, the NHS has reduced the non-essential treatments it delivers, meaning some procedures, including aesthetic mole removal, can no longer be administered for free on the NHS. A mole that is not believed to be life-threatening or cancerous will not generally be removed by the NHS.

Where on my body can I have a mole removed?

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You can have a mole removed from anywhere on your body, including on your face. Our doctors have years of experience in removing moles from the face and sensitive and hard-to-reach places.

Can I just have one mole looked at?

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Yes. It is possible to have a single mole report if you are worried by an abnormal, new or changing moles or wish to have an expert special opinion on a particular mole.

Does mole removal hurt?

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Laser Removal is described as feeling like the flick of an elastic band. For Shave and Excision Removal, the area will be numbed with a local anaesthetic so you won’t feel anything.

Is mole removal safe?

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At sk:n and The MOLE Clinic you are in the safest hands. Our leading consultant dermatologists, doctors, surgeons and nurses have extensive training, qualifications and experience. We are trusted by the NHS, and receive more NHS referrals for mole removal than any other dermatology provider. During your consultation and treatment, we will explain any possible side effects and how to avoid them.

I have a mole(s) that I don’t like, or I want to be removed for cosmetic reasons but I know it’s not suspicious. Can it be removed?

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Yes of course, it is possible. Unlike the NHS, who will only remove moles if they are potentially dangerous, at sk:n and The MOLE Clinic, we are used to removing moles for cosmetic reasons, unless your consultant feels there is a medical reason not to.

You would need to see a consultant for a consultation and clinical review to discuss the removal. Sometimes a doctor may advise against procedures because the risk of scarring outweighs the cosmetic benefit.

What happens at a mole consultation?

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You will see a consultant or dermatologist, or a nurse for a Full Body Skin Check. They will perform a thorough mole check, and discuss the recommended procedure and costs, if necessary. We will also discuss with you any concerns and questions about the chosen treatment, recovery, risks and likely outcomes.

What happens if I need urgent skin cancer treatment?

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You will be referred, without delay, to our specialist consultants for treatment.

Will the mole grow back?

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There is a very small chance that your mole might recur after having it removed, as a few mole cells may remain in the skin. If this is the case, we will book you in for further treatment. Usually, however, you will find that one treatment session is enough.

What is a Full Body Skin Check?

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We screen your whole body for visually abnormal moles. This is done by a female specialist nurse – recommended for all adults. We also include a check for Atypical Mole Syndrome. The appointment can take up to 45 minutes.

How much does a Full Body Skin Check?

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We charge £145 for this service. However, we do offer discounts for couples who book appointments together. We require payment in full at the time of booking, and this can be refunded if cancelled or re-arranged in line with our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if a mole is identified as abnormal during a Full Body Skin Check?

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The nurse will take a magnified image with a camera linked to the dermatoscope. It’s then reviewed and assessed by a remote specialist doctor. This is recommended for visually abnormal moles, moles that are new or changing, or for an expert second opinion.

Can I just have only mole looked at?

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Yes, we can offer a Mole Diagnostic Report if you are concerned, or would like a second opinion.

We do recommend a Full Body Skin Check if you are worried about new or changing moles. That way, we can check there are no abnormal moles in places you cannot easily see or check yourself.

How much is a Mole Diagnostic Report?

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A Mole Diagnostic Report costs £30 per mole (as part of a Full Body Skin Check). If you have a standalone appointment, this costs £50 per mole.

Mole Diagnostic Report results are ready within 3 working days, although frequently this happens much quicker. One of our screening nurses will contact you to discuss the result, and you will also have a copy sent via email to you.

How can I book cancer screening mole removal services at sk:n and The MOLE Clinic?

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You can book cancer screening and mole removal services online, at selected clinics only. Alternatively, you can call 0333 060 8872, or enquire when you are in one of our clinics.

However, to book an appointment at one of our London clinics online, please head to The MOLE Clinic website here. You can also call our London clinics directly to book by phone during opening hours on 0800 023 4212.

Is The MOLE Clinic recognised by my insurer?

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We are on the approved list for most of the major insurers who will fund treatment provided the correct pre-authorisations are obtained.

I’ve not had screening at sk:n or The MOLE Clinic but can I still see a consultant?

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Yes. Patients often see their doctor and have been advised to have a mole removed. You then need to make an appointment for a consultation with a sk:n or The MOLE Clinic consultant. This applies to both patients with medical insurance and patients paying for their own treatment.

What is a mole?

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A common mole is a coloured spot on the skin that develops when pigment cells (melanocytes) grow in clusters. The medical term for moles is melanocytic naevi and most adults usually have between 10 and 40 on their body. Although common moles may be present at birth, they usually appear later in childhood and increase during teenage years. During pregnancy moles often get darker and they can fade away completely from around the age of 50.

What is Atypical mole syndrome?

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The British Association of Dermatologists defines Atypical mole syndrome as “a disorder of the skin which is seen in approximately 2% of the population. It is defined when an individual has more than 50 moles composed of melanocytes (pigment producing skin cells) present on their skin, and three or more are atypical (unusual) in their appearance, e.g. size and shape.”

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