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Mole removal birmingham


People have many reasons why they may want to have a mole removed; sometimes based on the recommendation of a doctor, or it could simply be for cosmetic and self-confidence reasons. There are three main types of mole removal available at sk:n clinics nationwide: 
•    Laser removal
•    Surgical excision
•    ‘Shave’
Shave and excision involve cutting the mole out surgically, and laser removal targets the mole with a laser, causing it to drop off. 

mole removal in birmingham

A short walk from Birmingham’s main stations, the team at sk:n Birmingham Bull Street has a wealth of experience in treating a variety of skin concerns and conditions. We will be able to medically assess your mole and help choose the right mole removal option for your individual case. 

  • More referrals from the NHS than any other clinic
  • More direct clients seen than any other provider
  • Personalised treatment plans - your skin's as different as you are
  • Direct access to the best medical professionals including dermatologists
  • Open seven days a week

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At sk:n Birmingham, we're proud to have the highest grade accreditation with all regulatory bodies, both mandatory and voluntary, and we only ever use the highest grade medical equipment and treatments. 

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