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Laser Hair Removal in Wolverhampton

If you've got unwanted body hair, you no longer need to dream of visiting Hollywood cosmetic surgeons: thanks to the sk:n it's now simple to get laser hair removal in Wolverhampton.

The procedure is a straightforward, effective and virtually painless way to make sure those unwanted hairs don't just go, but stay gone. Laser hair removal is so effective because the melanin pigment that gives hair its dark colour also works as an amazingly effective pathway to take the laser along the hair and straight to the base, where its thermal energy damages the follicle just enough to make the hair fall out and then struggle to regrow. Because the technique allows such complete precision, laser hair removal costs in Wolverhampton will depend exactly on what areas of the body you get treated.

sk:n's Compton Road clinic is open in the evenings and weekends meaning you can get laser hair removal treatment in Wolverhampton at a time that suits you. We're located just a few hundred metres from the city centre, so you've got easy access to the city's shops, art gallery and theatre. The railway station is just a five-minute taxi ride away.

The team providing laser hair removal in Wolverhampton is overseen by Dr Anthony Abdullah, a registered and accredited dermatology specialist for more than a decade. As well as his work at the clinics, he is joint clinicsal director for the Birmingham Skin Centre, which is a Birmingham University teaching hospital. He's also lead clinician for the Birmingham Regional Skin Laser Centre.


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