Laser Hair Removal in London Victoria

Dealing with unwanted dark hairs can be a never-ending saga of plucking, shaving and waxing, but with sk:n you can take advantage of laser hair removal in London Victoria for a long term solution to those pesky dark hairs.

Laser hair removal uses the energy of a laser to target the melanin in your hair, damaging the cells in the hair follicle and slowing the rate of hair growth with each treatment. Cool air blows over your skin as you receive your treatment, minimizing any small amount of discomfort that you may feel. The cost of the treatment varies depending on exactly what it is you want, but laser hair removal prices in London Victoria range from £45 for a single treatment, with extra discounts available if you want to tackle more than one area.

By booking laser hair removal treatments in London Victoria you can take advantage of excellent transport links, giving you access to all of the sights and experiences of London. You can hop on the busy underground station and visit far-flung areas of London, or stay close and enjoy some of the amazing musicals in local theatres. Alternatively, treat yourself to a spot of shopping and dining at the Victoria Place shopping centre.

When you book laser hair removal in London Victoria, you will be in the capable hands of our professional staff, supervised by Dr Askari Townshend. An alumnus of Nottingham University Medical School, Dr Townshend is a trained surgeon, who specialises in a number of treatments, including the use of lasers.