Laser Hair Removal in Hampstead

If you are looking for the longest lasting hair removal treatment, then you've found it with laser hair removal. Proven to be the best treatment on the market for reducing the growth of hair by up to 90%, laser gives quick, safe, long term results.

You can find the best in laser hair removal treatment at our clinic sk:n Hampstead.

Why choose sk:n?

  • Appointments available daily
  • Over 43 clinics nationwide
  • Most NHS referrals than any other provider
  • Medical protocols for every treatment administered
  • All training has a medical foundation and is overseen by a Medical Director in each clinic

sk:n is fully registered with the 'Care Quality Commission' and was the first nationwide network of clinics to be registered with 'Treatments You Can Trust'. We have also been in partnership with the NHS for over 25 years.

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Our new clinic, sk:n Hampstead, is located a stones throw away from Hampstead tube station 5 Holly Hill at the end of Hampstead High Street. The easiest way to travel direct to our clinic is by taking the tube for the Edgware branch of the Northern line. Alternatively on street parking is available within close proximity of the clinic just a few minutes walk away on surrounding streets.

Dr Firas Al'Niaimi is our in house Medical Director at the NEW Hampstead sk:n Clinic, working between several of our other clinics across London, he has a depth of experience in dermatology with extensive experience within the laser industry for treatments.

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is laser hair removal right for me?

Our first step at sk:n is to book you in for a consultation, which enables us to discuss more about the treatment and assess the suitability of the hair you would like to have removed. We charge £25 for the consultation, which can be redeemed against treatment or refunded if you decide not to book, so there is no obligation to go ahead with treatment.


Laser hair removal treatment uses a special laser which sends a concentrated beam of light towards the root of the hair follicle. The hair in the follicle absorbs the energy from the light, damaging the follicle, preventing hair growth. Treatment to remove unwanted hair can be performed on almost any place on the body, from the face to the bikini line. Due to hair growing at various rates in each follicle, several treatments are required to achieve results. A course of 6 or 8 sessions is recommended to achieve the best results.


Laser technology is extremely advanced these days meaning that minimum discomfort is felt; that similar to the flick of an elastic band. sk:n also has a cooling system fitted in each treatment room to help reduce any tingling sensation. We have several lasers with different settings designed to treat all skin types. A test patch is performed with the laser in the chosen area to ensure the correct setting is selected for you.


Laser hair removal offers a significant long term reduction of hair growth of up to 90%! The best results are achieved by keeping to regular intervals between treatments, 4 weeks for facial areas and 6 weeks for areas of the body.

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Five reasons to choose sk:n clinics for Laser hair removal

  • Treatments from as low as £30, even off promotion: Laser hair removal is affordable to all with lasting results
  • Safe for all areas, skin types and tones, even on sensitive areas:Special lasers in all clinics for everyone both men and women
  • Most advanced laser technology available in the industry: Optimum results are achieved with access to the best resources at sk:n
  • Free of charge consultations & test patch: There is also no obligation to go ahead with any treatment!
  • We treat over 11,000 people per month for laser hair removal: We are proud to say we are the leading laser hair removal specialists for the UK