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Laser Hair Removal in Birmingham

Laser hair removal is the modern way of alleviating the common problem of unwanted dark hairs. Whether it is above the lip, on the legs or back, you can rid yourself of this unwanted foe with laser hair removal in Birmingham Bull Street. This treatment uses a laser to target the pigment in your hairs, damaging the follicle from which the hair grows.

The treatment is practically painless, with cool air blown over the skin to ameliorate any mild discomfort you may feel, and a great feature of this technique is that with regular treatments you can stop your follicles from producing hair at all. The laser hair removal cost in Birmingham Bull Street varies depending on the specifics of what you want, but all prices are affordable. A course of six treatments starts at £210 for a small area. We recommend a course of six to eight treatments to achieve the best results.

Set in the classy surroundings of central Birmingham, a trip to take advantage of laser hair removal treatments in Birmingham Bull Street can easily be intermingled with a fine lunch at one of the nearby restaurants or with an indulgent trip around Birmingham's many fashionable boutiques and stores. All in all, you can have a superb day in the city.

With regional specialist Dr Sean Lanigan on hand at the branch, you will certainly be in good hands. His impressive experience and extensive medical qualifications mean that your laser hair removal experience will have you entranced by the wonders of this great treatment.


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