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Hello 2021. And hello, again, lockdown. Right now, there’s no better time to take care of you and invest in the health of your skin. 

If you’ve been concerned with dull, tired skin, acne and maskne, pigmentation or ageing over the last few months, at sk:n we can still help. Choose our of our discover better skin packages and we’ll help you achieve your skin goals when we open fully for all treatments. You can still care for your skin at home too, with the help of our partners The Skin Experts.


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Save 30% when you pick a course of renewing microneedling treatments plus a course of detoxifying HydraFacial treatments. 

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Carry on caring for your skin while we’re in lockdown. Take a trip to our partners, The Skin Experts, and shop our brilliant skincare saviours.


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Course of 3 microneedling face (practitioner) and course of 3 HydraFacial Skin Signature £735
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Course of 3 microneedling face (doctor) and course of 3 HydraFacial Skin Signature £1370
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Course of 3 glycolic skin peels & course of 3 HydraFacial Skin Signature £510
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Course of 3 pyruvic skin peels and course of 3 HydraFacial Skin Signature £600
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Course of 6 glycolic skin peels & course of 6 HydraFacial Health For Life £1230
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Course of 6 pyruvic skin peels and course of 6 HydraFacial Health For Life £1410
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Course of 6 HydraFacial Skin Health For Life £675
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Course of 12 HydraFacial Skin Health For Life £1275
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is microneedling? Plus Icon

Microneedling (also known as skin needling or collagen induction therapy) is a type of treatment that uses small needles to cause tiny punctures in the skin. These small contact points encourage the body to create a wound healing response and renew the skin cells. As your skin repairs, the production of collagen and elastin is triggered to give an almost immediate plumping effect. It can also help tackle other skin damage such as scarring, dark marks, sun damage and ageing.

Is microneedling right for me? Plus Icon

Microneedling is a deeper treatment for a number of skin concerns including ageing, acne, acne scarring, dull skin, hyper pigmentation, dark marks and sun damage.  Microneedling is a great treatment for you if you have darker skin because it doesn’t involve peels or lasers, which can cause pigmentation issues.

Does microneedling hurt? Plus Icon

A topical numbing cream is applied to the area before carrying out microneedling treatments to ensure that any pain is minimised. Variable treatment intensities allow us to further control the comfort of the treatment, and no topical anaesthetic is needed for Microneedling Pen Revitalise & Rejuvenate as the treatment isn’t deep enough to cause any discomfort.

What are skin peels? Plus Icon

Harnessing the power of naturally occurring acids and active ingredients, skin peels deeply exfoliate and brighten the skin. By stimulating new cell growth and collagen production, skin peel treatment helps to reveal fresher, clearer, brighter skin.  Skin peels are ideal for treating acne and hyper-pigmentation, reducing appearance of open pores, targeting blemishes, and visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Are skin peels right for me? Plus Icon

Give your skin a fresh start – skin peels can treat a range of skin concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne and acne scarring, age spots, enlarged pores, dark areas and sun-damaged skin. During your consultation with one of our expert practitioners, they will discuss which skin peel is best for you.

How often do I need a skin peel? Plus Icon

We recommend you have a skin peel every 4-6 weeks, but your practitioner will discuss with you during your consultation. For the best results, we recommend a course of treatment.

What is a HydraFacial? Plus Icon

Award-winning HydraFacial is the ultimate skin detoxifying and deep cleansing treatment. Your skin is rejuvenated with active botanical ingredients to reveal glowing, refreshed and radiant skin immediately.

Is a HydraFacial right for me? Plus Icon

HydraFacial is suitable for all skin types and a range of concerns.

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