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How effective are skin peels on Pigmentation?

Pigmentation of the skin relates to skin colour with the level of melanin in the cells in your skin determining the colour. Your skin colour will appear normal if you have healthy cells but will appear either lighter or darker if damaged or unhealthy.

Factors that can cause pigmentation of the skin are, for instance, sunlight exposure and changes in hormones causing spots or dark patches anywhere on your body.

You will be pleased to hear that pigmentation is treatable either by laser treatment or skin peels.

A full assessment of your skin conditions is carried out by sk:n clinics specialist team using a scanner to establish how deep the skin pigmentation problem is. If it is well below the surface then laser treatment may be more appropriate but if it is nearer the surface then a treatment using chemical skin peels may be more suitable.

There are several types of chemical peel to deal with most skin pigmentation problems all of which are extremely safe and designed to revitalise your skin.

Skin peels are rubbed gently into your skin to remove the outer layers of dead skin cells by exfoliation, removing or fading the discolouration in the skin, encouraging collagen production helping new cells to grow and tightening the skin resulting in a more even, healthier, glowing, fresher, younger looking skin tone. Your skin will feel noticeably softer.

This is all achieved without invasive surgery and the side effects associated with surgery. It is painless although for a few days you may see skin peeling and a mild swelling on the area that has been treated.

So, whether you have scars from acne, lines and wrinkles due to the ageing process we must all encounter as well as the aforementioned skin problems the results really can transform your life.


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