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WHAT IS hair transplant therapy?

Hair restoration, or hair transplant therapy, provides a permanent, natural-looking solution to male pattern baldness. Follicles from areas of your own scalp that are still covered with hair are transferred through a small surgical procedure to areas which are thinning or bald. The result is a natural-looking full head of hair.  

hair transplant in london

Are you looking for a trusted provider of hair transplant surgery in the London area? Come and visit us at sk:n clinics London. There are 10 award-winning sk:n clinics in London for you to choose from: Canary Wharf, Chiswick, East Finchley, Fulham Broadway, Hampstead, Harley Street, Holborn, Shepherd’s Bush, Victoria Street and London Wall

  • More referrals from the NHS than any other clinic
  • More direct clients seen than any other provider
  • Personalised treatment plans - your skin's as different as you are
  • Direct access to the best medical professionals including dermatologists
  • Open seven days a week

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WHY CHOOSE sk:n london?

Our friendly team of surgeons is very well-respected and each of our experts has a good understanding of the impact baldness can have on a person’s self-esteem. sk:n in London will be able to talk you through the different hair transplant options available and match you with the most suitable solution for your particular needs. 

Contact one of our 10 clinics across London today to book a free, no obligation, appointment at to find out how we can help you. 

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The whole team are fantastic, from the initial consultation through to the aftercare. The end results are fantastic, I could not have wished for better.