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Laser tattoo removal at sk:n is a proven-effective way of removing an unwanted tattoo permanently. It works by breaking up the tattoo pigment into tiny particles by targeting the area with a specially-designed, powerful laser. These tiny ink particles are then small enough to be disposed of naturally by the body, via the immune system.

Before and after laser tattoo removal

The number of sessions needed to remove your tattoo altogether will depend on a number of factors, including the size, density, age and colour of your tattoo. But after just a few sessions with our clinical experts at sk:n, you will begin to see noticeable, visible results. There are other methods of tattoo removal available on the market, but none are as safe and effective as laser removal and can cause severe pain, infection and even permanent scarring.

Treatment tailored to you

Tattoo removal is not an instantaneous process; it involves having a series of laser sessions, each spaced at least six weeks apart to allow your skin to heal. During a tattoo removal consultation, our team will ensure you fully understand the benefits, risks, time and cost involved, so we can create a course of treatments to achieve the best results possible.

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Tattoo Removal Consultation PriceS









*including Dermatologists and General Practitioners with Special Interests

Tattoo Removal Treatment Prices

  PRICES FROM SINGLE Treatment 4 Treatment
save 15%
6 Treatment
Save 20%
8 Treatment
Save 25%
Test Patch £50 £50 - - -
Very minor (1-3 x 1-3cm) from £60 £48 £60 £48 £204 £164  £288 £231  £360 £288
Minor (4-8 x 4-8cm) from £104 £84 £104 £84  £354 £284  £499 £400  £624 £500
Intermediate (9-15 x 9-15cm) from £170 £136 £170 £136  £578 £463 £816 £653   £1,020 £816
Major (16-20 x 16-20cm) from £264 £212 £264 £212 £898 £719  £1,267 £1,014  £1,584 £1,268
Additional area (to major) £115 £92 £115 £92 £391 £313  £552 £442
£690 £552

*Terms and conditions apply.