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Dermatology in Glasgow

Although many skin concerns are not life threatening, they can make you feel really down and self-conscious. At sk:n we want to make you feel better in your skin and give you that peace of mind and confidence to be yourself.

A lot of skin concerns are actually no longer treated by the NHS as they are deemed to be more 'cosmetic' and therefore not hazardous to your health.

At sk:n Clinics Glasgow, whatever your skin concern may be, we are here to help you discover better skin.

sk:n Clinics excel a high level of service in dermatology, offering many extras that set us aside from other providers.

  • No referral from your GP required
  • Highest grade equipment and continuing investment
  • Only skin clinic with medical treatments
  • 20 years partnership with the NHS
  • Access to doctors and dermatologists immediately

You can find more about our sk:n clinic in Glasgow by visiting the clinic page.


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We are located on 48/50 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3PU. If you are travelling by public transport, Glasgow Central train station is a few minutes walk from our clinic. Turning left out of Glasgow Central train station on to Union Street, pass Subway on your left and take the first right at the traffic lights with Yorkshire Bank on the Corner of Gordon Street. Our Skin clinic is located a few doors down on the left hand side.

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Doctor Robert Herd is our top Consultant Dermatologist in our Glasgow Clinic and with over 20 years experience in the industry, he is certainly comes well recommended. Doctor David McGill has keen interests including facial rejuvenation, injectables and laser resurfacing to name a few. Dr Sarwat shah and Dr Iain Mackay also consult in Glasgow, with Dr Mackay having an interest in laser treatment of skin disorders and the treatment of irregular vascular formations. Clinic ManagerKerrie Witkowski and her team are ready to give you a warm welcome.

sk:n Clinics offers a variety of treatments for dermatology concerns

Our most frequent enquiry's about the treatments that we offer are for mole removal, acne treatments, acne scarring, lumps and bumps and birthmark removal. Below you can find out more about the treatments that we offer.

Birthmark Removal

Birthmarks are brown or red pigmented marks on the skin that appear in various shapes, sizes and shades. They can appear anywhere on the body and are usually present at birth or shortly after.

Some typical names used to describe birthmarks are Port Wine Stains, Hemangiomas and Strawberry birthmarks. These Birthmarks are either Vascular; a build up of faulty blood vessels under the skins surface or Pigmented; a build of melanin under the skins surface.

Treatment for birthmarks requires a laser called PULSE DYE LASER

Find out more about laser birthmark removal
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Lumps and Bumps

When you discover a bump or small lump on the skin, this can sometimes be a little worrying. Therefore it is key that the correct diagnosis is made by an experienced and medically trained professional. Lumps and Bumps occur for several reasons from a build-up of dead skin cells or keratin that creates a spot, cyst or milium or an overproduction of cells forming a skin tag, Keloid scar or mole.

Some people are more likely to develop skin growths based on their genetics. At sk:n we will take a closer look at the growth and recommend the best course of treatment.

Acne Scarring Removal

Acne scars are different to acne marks. Acne scars are deeper and form indentations in the skin which are more difficult to remove and require intense laser treatments to help promote new skin and smooth out the skins surface. If you currently still suffer from acne but have scarring from previous acne then we would treat that first and foremost. Avoiding picking, and squeezing spots as this will help to reduce the effects of marks and scarring.

There are a few different options available to treat acne scars including, strong skin peels, laser treatment and also micro needling.

Find out more about our acne treatments by visiting the treatment pages..

Explore different types of acne scarring
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Moles are a collection of cells that form together called 'melanocytes' to create a small patch of brown or black skin in various sizes that can be raised or flat on the surface. Moles are generally harmless but can occasionally be a worry which is why we would recommend seeing a medically trained professional to take a closer look at the mole and look at removal options available to you. Our doctors are available weekly for an appointment unlike a long wait with the NHS.

For more information on Moles and how we would treat them visit our mole removal page.

SIX MISConceptions about treatment for skin concerns that sk:n clinics can change

  • There aren't any treatments for my skin concerns: sk:n offer a wide range of treatments for all skin concerns.
  • Treatments are expensive and out of my price range: treatments start as low as just £50
  • I can't get an appointment out of my working hours: sk:n clinics pride themselves on providing dermatology consultation 7 days a week, and until late on weekdays
  • I need a referral from my doctor to see a dermatologist: no referral is needed by your doctor to visit sk:n
  • Treatment won't work for me and my skin: with highly medically trained professionals working for sk:n and access to the best technology in the medical industry we have the ability to provide a wide range of treatment options to treat everyone
  • I don't know if I trust independent clinics: sk:n is governed by the Care Quality Commission, registered with 'Treatment You Can Trust' and is in partnership with NHS.


One of our friendly sk:n advisers will call you back straight away to arrange your consultation.

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