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Dermatology in Edinburgh

Many dermatology treatments are no longer available on the NHS meaning that independent clinics such as sk:n are now the main providers of dermatology consultations for many skin concerns, such as skin tag removal, wart and varrucae removal, mole removal, acne treatments, and acne scarring treatments to name just a few.

sk:n Clinics Edinburgh has access to premium medically graded treatments and the highest qualified professionals in the industry.

  • 98% of our clients would recommend us to a friend
  • In-depth consultations for every client prior to treatment
  • Medical protocals for every treatment for your safety
  • No GP referral needed
  • The most trusted laser providers in the UK

Our Edinburgh clinic is open 6 days a week for your convenience!

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Our clinic is located just off the Queen Street intersection at 91 Hanover Street, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ in the centre of Edinburgh. Travelling by train, you can take a 15 minute walk from Edinburgh station, take a left onto Prince's Street then take a right up Hanover Street and follow the road up past LTB Bank, Pizza Hut and Subway, cross over George's Street and we are further up on the right, on the corner of Thistle Street.

We are also located on major bus routes. ​The clinic provides disabled access.

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We have one of the leading dermatologist teams in Scotland, if not the UK. Doctors Alastair Lowrie and Roger Benjamin Aldridge offer the highest standards of care with no GP referral needed.

If you suffer from acne, you'll know that it can seriously start to affect your life. Our experts, and clinic manager Jodie Thompson understand this and are on hand before treatment, during and after to offer you all the care and advice you need.

Selection of Dermatology Treatment Prices

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At sk:n we offer the broadest range of dermatology treatments...

There are a variety of treatments offered at sk:n Clinics Edinburgh but the most common are summarised below.

Mole Removal

Moles are small clusters of cells called 'melanocytes' that come together on the skin to form small brown or black patches of skin. These patches can be raised or flat on the skins surface. Mole removal can be carried out by either, shave, excision or laser removal. At sk:n, our medical protocols are set in place for your safety and to ensure you receive the best treatments, therefore a biopsy is done to rule out any chances of underlying concerns of the mole developing into a 'malignant melanoma' - a type of skin cancer.

To find out more about Moles and their removal, go to our specialised pages.

Acne Scarring

After the tough and relentless battle through acne you can feel really deflated with the outcome, being left with scars and marks that are just as difficult to bear. sk:n Clinics have access to the most prestigious technology and expertise in the medical industry to be able to help you discover a brighter and smoother skin.

Below you can see some images of the fantastic results achieved through our laser therapy treatment.

Find out more about our acne treatments by visiting the treatment pages.

Explore different types of acne scarring
Before Acne scars - before treatment
After Acne scars - after treatment

To find out more about how acne scarring occurs visit our acne scarring treatment page.

Birthmark Removal

'Port Wine Stains', 'Strawberry Hemangiomahs' and 'Café au Lait' are some of the most common names given to birthmarks. Birthmarks are either a build up of faulty blood vessels or build up of melanin under the skins surface. These are medically known as Vascular and Pigmented birthmarks. At sk:n clinics we are able to treat these with specialised lasers that break down the colouration and help the mark fade and blend in with the surrounding skin.

Before Birthmark - before treatment
After Birthmark - after treatment


Rosacea is recogniesd as being similar in appearance to the effects of a skin allergy, eczema or acne due to the redness that it produces. The exact cause of Rosacea is unknown but suggested links have been made towards blood vessel abnormalities, skin peptides and genetics. Rosacea is best treated in the early stages to gain control and prevent it worsening. There are many triggers for rosacea, such as exposure to sunlight, cold or hot weather, strenuous exercise, alcohol, spicy foods, dairy products and more.


Before Rosacea Treatment and After...

Rosacea - before treatment Rosacea - after treatment

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Why trust sk:n for dermatology treatments?

  • A network of 35 clinics nationwide and growing
  • Medical Directors in every clinic
  • Trusted to perform over 11,000 laser removal treatments every month - more than any other provider in the UK
  • In partnership with the NHS
  • Medical protocols for every treatment


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