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Dermatology in Bristol

At sk:n Clinics Bristol, our dermatology consultations range from skin concerns regarding Moles, Milia, Skin-tags, warts and verrucae, birthmarks, scarring to Rosacea. We offer the best treatments available, administered by the highest qualified doctors and dermatologists in the country.

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Located on the corner of St Stephen's Avenue and Clare Street, at 13 Clare Street, BS1 1XH, the clinic is on popular bus routes and less than a mile from Bristol Temple Mead station. The full price of your consultation is redeemable against any acne treatment you decide to start. To find out more about our typical treatments, please click here.

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Doctor Victoria Lewis is a favourite amongst regular clients, for her empathetic manner and expertise. Our manager, Jennie Maltby is extremely experienced and together with the rest of the team, they will provide a warm welcome to you at Clare Street. Visit our clinic page here.

(Please note, that as the clinic is on the first floor and the period building has no lift, we unfortunately do not have disabled access.)

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Melanin is a pigment in our genetics that decides the colour of our hair, eye and skin colour. Hyper-Pigmentation is the result of our skin over-producing melanin in a particular area; this typically occurs most in the healing process of wounds but can also be caused by hormonal changes such puberty, pregnancy or menopause. Darker skin tones are more likely to suffer from pigmentation than those with lighter skin due to the higher levels of melanin in the skin. Sometimes however, our skin cells producing the melanin become damaged causing the opposite effect where the skin becomes lighter. This is known as Hypo-pigmentation.

Treatment for Pigmentation includes, medical grade skin peels and laser treatment with Fraxel or CO2RE.

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Acne is one of the hardest skin conditions to live with, with thousands of people affected every year. Acne is caused by sensitivity to androgen hormones in our body, which promote the excess production of sebum and an abnormal turnover of cells. There is currently no cure for the disease however there are some medical treatments on the market that are known to reduce the effects of acne signicantly, if not eradicate them.

sk:n Clinics has access to these treatments combined with the highest expertise in the country.

Find out more about our acne treatments by visiting our treatment page.


Warts and Verruca are caused by an over-production of keratin in the skin caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Warts are characterised by a cauliflower type growth found in clusters on the surface of the skin, unlike verrucae which are flat on the surface with a hard outer edge. Verrucae are found on the feet and can sometimes be uncomfortable and painful as they can catch on the shoe.

sk:n clinics use several methods of removal, from cryotherapy, where liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the growths, excision where we cut the growth from the skin or laser therapy where the laser helps cut the blood supply to the growth.


Rosacea is a redness to the facial area, usually seen on the cheeks, nose, forehead and sometimes the neck and chest. It is often mistaken for a skin allergy, eczema or acne, by non-medics. Symptoms can be apparent as early as in your 20's but tend to occur in women between the ages of 30-50 years of age. To reduce symptoms developing and causing the skin condition to worsen, prompt treatment is usually advised. Rosacea is sadly not curable however sk:n clinics have a range of treatments which are clinically proven to reduce the effects of the condition.



  • Low cost treatments, as low as £50
  • Treatments available for all skin types and most conditions
  • Most advanced laser technology in the industry
  • No referral required from your GP
  • Medical protocols in place for every treatment

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