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Dermatology in Aberdeen

The NHS has recently re-classified certain, treatments as 'low clinical value' (which tend to be aesthetic in nature) and ceased to offer them free at the point of delivery.

At sk:n Clinics we have over 25 years partnership with the NHS and are happy to be picking up many of these treatments, either to clients who simply book themselves in directly, or as a result of referral from private health insurance or the NHS.

Visit sk:n Clinics Aberdeen Union Street or Mole removal, Skin tag removal, Acne treatments, Acne scarring treatments, Wart and Verrucae removal, Rosacea treatments and more.

At sk:n Clinics Aberdeen Union Street we would love to extend a warm welcome to you:

  • Seven days a week
  • Appointments available daily, even at the last minute
  • Medical protocols for every treatment
  • Medical Director on the premises
  • Best treatment outcomes at affordable prices
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Clinic Location

Located at 261 Union Street, Aberdeen AB11 6BR, with parking just over the road, (we're opposite Smile Dental and Starbucks) we have many years of experience in treating all types of acne. Our loyal clients trust us to bring a truly personalised treatment approach, as all skin is different and one size most definitely won't fit all. So if you live in Aberdeen, and are looking for world-class dermatology treatments, look no further.

Right after your treatment, you're in the perfect spot to stroll down Union Street, past Waterstones, to Bon Accord and St Nicholas Centre, or jump on a bus down to the beach-front for a bracing walk.


Doctors Frank Muller and Sanjay Rajpara bring world-class dermatology expertise to Aberdeen and manager Marianne Pratt and her team will give you a warm, Aberdonian welcome to our clinic here in the heart of the Granite City.

Selection of Dermatology Treatment Prices

*exact prices to be confirmed during your consultation.

You can find out more from our Clinic Support Team by calling 0330 037 2804 for free from a land-line.

We will be able to answer any questions you have about the booking process and find a time suitable for you to visit us.

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Typical skin conditions treated by our experts

Mole removal

Moles are small clusters of cells called 'Melanocytes' that produce a pigment in the skin. They appear either flat or raised and are brown or black in appearance. Moles are usually harmless however if they change in shape, colour, height or size it is important to have them seen by a doctor or specialist as this can be a sign of skin cancer called Malignant Melanoma. sk:n clinics perform a biopsy of any mole removed to ensure there are no underlying concerns.

Mole removal options range from excision or shave where the mole is cut from the skin or laser treatment which involves thermal energy to break the mole down.


Our bodies contain a pigment called melanin which determines our skin, hair and eye colour.

Sometimes our body can over produce melanin in our skin when we suffer a wound or have an increase in hormones. Hyperpigmentation is the result of an over production of melanin causing the skin to appear darker in an area. Occasionally Hypopigmentation occurs when the skin containing the cells producing melanin become damaged causing the skin to become lighter.

Treatment for pigmentation can range from medicated sk:n products to laser treatment such as Fraxel.


If you suffer from a redness to the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and even the chest or neck then you may suffer from a condition called Rosacea. Rosacea is often misinterpreted as eczema, acne or a skin allergy. The exact cause of Rosacea is unknown and unfortunately there is currently no cure however sk:n clinics has a highly effective range of treatments and products able to significantly reduce the effects to help you feel more comfortable in your skin.

BeforeRosacea - before treatment
AfterRosacea - after treatment


Acne scarring

Acne is a distressing disease that affects so many across the UK every year. After a tough battle against the acne itself, it can be disheartening to realise you are left with marks and scars even when the acne has gone. Scars result from the body effectively putting 'too much effort' into healing the wounds from acne causing an excess of collagen.

These scars are recognised as a pit in the skin called ice-pick scars. Sometimes wounds from acne heal in a different way leaving marks which are more like pigmentation marks.

Treatment for acne scars range from skin peels, medically formulated products, micro needling and laser therapy.


Before Acne scars - before treatment
After Acne scars - after treatment


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  • Reassurance with medical protocols and UK leading medical expertise
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