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Corrects uneven skin texture and acne scarring

Over time collagen production decreases leading to fine lines and wrinkles. eDermastamp™ works to induce youth-boosting collagen production deep into the layers of your skin. The treatment creates thousands of tiny contact points in the skin so that your body is encouraged to naturally repair itself. As your skin repairs, the production of collagen and elastin is triggered to give an almost immediate plumping effect.

Dermapen Before and After

So why choose sk:n?:

Not only does our Medical Standards Team (chaired by Consultant Dermatologist Doctor Daron Seukeran) demand robust clinical studies for each treatment we launch, but we also go on to test all treatments in our own clinical environment. Furthermore, sk:n leads the industry by having a Medical Director in each clinic, surpassing requirements of the Care Quality Commission and all other industry regulatory bodies.

Our staff are amongst the most highly trained of all clinics so they can best assess your individual requirements to build a truly personal treatment plan.

More great reasons to visit sk:n

  • £1 million a year us spent on servicing our lasers
  • The largest single provider of  BOTOX® in the UK
  • The leading laser hair removal providers
  • 17,000 treatments carried out every month


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