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Weak jawline
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Is weak jaw treatment safe? Plus Icon

Of course. All our treatments are FDA board certified and have undergone the legal rigorous testing necessary for cosmetic practice and distribution. As the UK’s leading skin clinic, quality and safety is our priority. We ensure high quality products, state of the art equipment and innovative treatments all performed by qualified professionals in sterile, clinical environments – always.

Does it hurt? Plus Icon

Depending on the treatment and individual pain tolerance, discomfort levels will vary. As the filler treatments are administered via injections, some discomfort may be expected. However, for most injectable treatments, numbing agents can be applied to minimise any pain. With dermal filler treatment, a pain relief is infused within the solution meaning any discomfort will be minimal.

How much do treatments cost? Plus Icon

Compared to surgery, sk:n offers affordable jawline augmentation, with prices ranging from £370 – £545. See here for our full price guide.

How long will the results last? Plus Icon

Most non-surgical treatments are temporary where each treatment length ranges from client to client. Dermal fillers can usually last between six to twelve months, Sculptra™ can typically last up to two years and thread lifts one year.

Am I suitable for weak jaw treatment? Plus Icon

All our injectable and skin rejuvenating treatments are proudly versatile and suitable for most skin types and tones. Clients with sensitive skin can easily be accommodated for as all treatments are bespoke. Before every treatment, you will have a consultation with a member of our expert team (either a doctor or nurse), who will outline the best treatment path for you. During this meeting, they will confirm your eligibility and suitability for your desired results.


To prevent the worsening of a weakened jawline, there are some professional and at-home methods to attempt.

The most effective way to prevent a less defined jaw is to regularly incorporate skin tightening and rejuvenating treatments into your regime. Skin peels, HydraFacials and microdermabrasion may help to tighten any sagging, loose skin which will promote skin elasticity, remaining jaw definition and maintain skin health. 

As ‘how to define the jawline at home?’ becomes an increasingly asked question, it is commonly thought that exercising the jaw and neck muscles and chewing gum may help create definition.

The repetitive movement of the jaw and facial muscles should technically help to lose excess facial fat and build mass which may enhance the jaw dimension.

However, jawline exercises may strain the muscles and cause injury, so be careful not to damage yourself in the process. Jade rollers may also help improve circulation into the face which can contribute to a firmer complexion and stronger jawline.

At sk:n we offer a range of treatments to reduce a recessed or weak jaw. Click to see best procedures for weak jawline.

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