Facial Thread Veins

Frequently asked questions

Are treatments for facial thread veins safe? Plus Icon


We use clinical lasers which only target unwanted veins, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

It is an extremely safe treatment with very few complications when performed by a medical practitioner.

Can spider veins go away on their own? Plus Icon

Usually, spider veins disappear on their own after a few months, but several home remedies can speed up the process.

Can you get thread vein treatment on the NHS? Plus Icon

When it is for cosmetic reasons you usually have to pay for thread vein treatment to be done privately, unless you have leg ulcers, swelling or skin discolouration.

Will fake tan cover thread veins? Plus Icon

It is better not to tan your thread veins because with time they can get matted and as the thread veins break down, blood will extravasate causing brown discoloration of the skin.

Is there any harm in removing thread veins? Plus Icon

Thread veins have no function and removing them does no harm.

The only reason they are removed is because of their appearance.

How many treatments of facial thread vein removal will I need? Plus Icon

Depending on the size and number of facial thread veins, how many treatments you need will differ.

That’s why our clients attend a consultation with one of our specialist doctors or practitioners to create an personal treatment plan.

We typically recommend to start with a course of 3 to 6, however the amount of treatments needed may differ from person to person.

Treatments are carried out at 4 – 6 week internals.

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