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Why do I have dark circles? Plus Icon

Dark under eyes are very common, and medically, they are harmless. However, dark under eyes often deplete the individual’s self-confidence and can make you feel more tired than you actually are.

Dark circles occur because of age, hyperpigmentation, genetics, hay fever and eye strain. When the under eyelid skin is thinner than usual, it can cause the blood vessels beneath to become more visible causing dark circles, puffiness and sunken eyes.

Will they go away over time? Plus Icon

Depending on the cause of your dark eyes, dark circles may appear less prominent, however,  dark shadowing is more likely to become worse than better over time. The best way to significantly reduce them is to have professional treatments and take preventative measures.

How many treatments will I need to see results? Plus Icon

With all treatments, results can be seen immediately. Tear trough fillers, HydraFacials and skin peels all work to leave the skin brighter, softer and younger than before. If you have severe pigmentation under the eyes, the more treatments you have the better the final outcome will be overall.

Who is suitable for dark circle under eye treatment? Plus Icon

One of the benefits of this treatment is that it is suitable for everyone. All treatments are tailored to your skin’s sensitivity and condition severity. During your initial consultant, your nurse or doctor will outline all the possible avenues worth exploring and create a treatment plan that will suit your needs, expectations and desired outcomes.

How much does it cost? Plus Icon

Prices vary. Tear trough fillers start at £390. HydraFacials and skin peels are the more affordable options with treatment packages of three starting at £53+. Advanced facials and peels are more expensive but are effective in treating stubborn skin conditions and dark shadowing.


To prevent the developing, and worsening, of the undereye there are a range of medical treatments, skincare products, home remedies and lifestyle factors that can help minimise eye shadows.

Incorporating HydraFacials and skin peels into your skincare regime regularly can be one way of taking significant, preventative action in reducing the darkening of the eyes and getting rid of bags visibly.

Some skincare ingredients such as caffeine, hyaluronic acid, tri-peptides and ceramides can help restore your undereye area too and can be found in the form of eye creams, serums, masks and sprays.

To reduce dilated blood vessels under the eyes, ice can also help to cool enlarged vessels. This can be done through creating a cold compress for the face, such as a flannel, cucumber slices or gel eye masks.

Jade rollers are another popular option for combating the effects of ageing and can be used to treat dark circles. Enhance the results by placing it in the fridge before use.

Certain lifestyle factors can also impact your eye area where overexposure to UV rays, not getting enough sleep, excessive smoking and drinking are most detrimental to the skin. As lack of sleep, smoking and alcohol depletes and dehydrates your complexion, paleness can worsen any existing, and developing, under eye bags.

By protecting your skin with SPF and avoiding these lifestyle influences can help to maintain your overall natural complexion and keep your skin in its best condition for the future.

Foods rich in Vitamin K (green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli) can help to stimulate blood circulation and lessen the appearance of visible blood vessels. Green vegetables are also high in iron which promotes a bright, healthy complexion.

Some home remedies such as placing warm tea bags on your eyes may show some efficacy in reducing puffiness and inflammation. As caffeine is used in lots of skincare products, tea bags contain diluted concentrations of caffeine which may work to help narrow the blood vessels and constrict blood flow, reducing dilated veins beneath the eyes.

At sk:n we have a range of treatments designed to help you get the skin you want.

From products to peels, our specialist doctors and nurses can recommend the best path for you to take.

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