Adult or mature acne looks exactly the same as the acne that younger people suffer with. It can cause a self confidence issues and embarrasment.


Acne is often considered a predominantly teenage affliction, but it can also affect many people long into adulthood. People can suffer from adult acne into their twenties, thirties and even as late as their forties. In such cases the effect on self-esteem and self-confidence can be serious and can even cause depression, which is why sufferers often seek adult acne treatment.

Adult acne can occur as mild, moderate or severe acne depending on the type of blemishes your skin has:

  • Mild – blackheads and whiteheads
  • Moderate – blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and papules
  • Severe – Hard and painful nodules and cysts, often occurring on multiple areas of the body

The symptoms of acne in adults are also the same as when teenagers develop the condition:

  • Excess oil
  • Increased skin cell turnover
  • Increased bacteria
  • Inflammation


Adults can suffer from acne for a variety of reasons, including changes in hormone levels, stress, poor skincare routine or habits. Your initial consultation with a medical practitioner will determine which of these is the cause of your acne.

Acne caused by a poor skincare routine is called Acne Cosmetica and is due to the skin becoming congested by make up and skin products that aren’t breathable or contain oil. Such products are called comodegenic.

Acne caused by habits where objects come into contact with the skin regularly – such as a phone hand set, cap or helmet – and prevent the skin from breathing, or may even transfer dirt to the skin, is called Acne Mechanica.


Adult acne responds best to the same treatments offered to a younger person with acne. Depending on the severity of your acne, these can include Microdermabrasion, Salicylic Skin Peels, Isolaz and HydraFacial. Cases of severe acne will be treated with medication, prescribed by a Dermatologist.

If you are particular concerned by Adult Acne and have an upcoming event, Isolaz is a particularly effect treatment to calm your acne because it involves light therapy that aims to kill the bacteria in the skin whilst vaccum suction deeply cleanses the skin.

Laser technology has purifying powers and is a safe and painless way to treat skin affected by adult acne. The high-tech treatment Isolaz® is used to purify the skin, and when combined with skin peels it cleans the skin and tones it to improve complexion and lead to long-lasting results.

This advanced chemical skin peel is perfect for helping acne. The Beta Hydroxy Acid that the peel contains reduces the oil production in your skin, reducing the number of spots. The other chemical properties of this peel will help to control bacteria and inflammation.

Microneedling is safe, affordable and can be used on all skin types. It cannot be used whilst acne is still present, but is a fantastic treatment for acne scarring; softening and reducing the visibility of acne scars so you’re left with a brighter, more even complexion.


In most cases of adult acne treatment, a six-week treatment programme is suitable, and in the majority of cases this is enough to lead to dramatic and long-lasting results.

You will generally begin to notice a real difference just a few weeks after starting adult acne treatment as the acne begins to fade.The skin becomes smoother and clearer, and the scarring becomes significantly less noticeable. All of this will lead to an improvement in self-confidence and give you a new lease of life.


Book an acne consultation with us at your nearest sk:n clinic. This costs £25 and you will be seen by a qualified acne specialist. They will confirm you have adult or mature acne and will discuss with you the best combination of treatments and products to help you achieve better, clearer skin. If the acne specialist believes your acne is classified as severe, you will be referred to a dermatologist, which will incur an additional fee.

At sk:n, we’re proud to have leading dermatologists treating adult acne across our network of clinics, as well as a team of acne specialists who understand not only the medical causes behind adult acne but also the negative effects it can have on a sufferer’s self esteem.

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