Sophie's Story

Sophie, 22

I have always had good skin. However, in September 2013 I gave up smoking and around November started to get really bad spots. I put it down to the smoking. It continued until I literally could not take any more and went to my GP who diagnosed acne. It has completely stripped my confidence and often makes me upset and angry. I just hope that one day I'll find something to help me clear it.

I'd like my skin to start looking a little more refreshed and calm, but mainly that the redness may subside. Without acne I feel my whole persona would be completely different. Acne has made me really down and self-conscious. I have to put foundation on just to put the bins out because I feel people are staring.

I'm so excited to start my journey with sk:n, follow my journey with the videos below...

My Acne Story

My Consultation at sk:n