Sonal's Story

Sonal, 20

I have used benzoyl peroxide over the counter and been on prescription for antibiotics and isotrenitoin gel. None of them completely cleared me of acne and it went back to normal after treatment. I have tried changing my skincare routine several times, using many expensive products, but nothing has worked.

I am hoping to have good skin and be cleared of constant acne. I am 20 years old now and have had acne for 7/8 years and it has really knocked my confidence. I hope I will not need to wear so much makeup to feel pretty and will feel better in my own skin! I know it would really boost my confidence if I had clear skin and I could start university feeling a lot happier.

My consultation went well. The nurse was very friendly and informed me about the treatments available and why they would help my skin. I was offered a combination of 6 treatments alternating Isolaz and salicylic acid peels. I was given the acne care range including a cleanser, a hydrator and two treatments; one to apply at night and one for daytime. I use these consistently between treatments in order to optimise their results. I also use a sunscreen during the day to protect my skin.

Mid-Treatment Update

I'm now mid-way through my treatment, and I have been using the product regime every day - which was a little difficult to begin with but now I'm really strict with it, after all I want the best results possible.

My favourite product is definitely the exfoliating cleanser for oily skin. It works so well to stop my pores from becoming blocked.

As you can see from the picture, I have fewer whiteheads, and even when I do breakout the spots tend to be much smaller. I still get spots underneath the skin, but my practitioner informed me these were tougher to treat.

I feel more confident in social situations, it's easier to cover with make-up now as the texture has changed - the make-up is mainly used to cover up the redness and scarring I have.

The team at sk:n have been really helpful and friendly.