Katie's Story

Katie, 24

I have tried everything from Roaccutane (when I was 16), to every cream, lotion and face wash in the shop and nothing has given me the clear skin I want. It makes me feel unattractive and embarrassed to leave the house without make-up.

I don’t want to be ashamed of the way I look anymore, and think that people are staring at me due to my bad skin. I am getting married in September 2015 and I would love to finally feel confident in my own skin when I walk down the aisle.

I felt a bit nervous going in to my consultation, worried that the girls in the Southampton clinic would have perfect skin and couldn't relate. I was completely wrong! My therapist was lovely, and made me feel really comfortable.

I've been recommended the sk:n Anti-Blemish product range, and a course of Isolaz Laser treatment. I was also told to try mineral make-up so have started using Bare Minerals.

Treatment Update

So pleased so far I have had 5 Isolaz treatments and they have made my skin so much better.

The most noticeable difference is on my cheeks and chin, I hardly have any breakouts and when I do they are much smaller and do not last as long. My nose has also been cleared and my skin feels much fresher and cleaner than before.

I no longer feel the need to wear make up to work and when I do I use mineral make up to help keep my skin clear. I use the products provided by sk:n everyday and will continue to after this is over.

The staff have been amazing at the Southampton clinic, especially Danika who has been so friendly throughout the whole process, she has explained everything and makes me feel really comfortable whenever I have an appointment with her.

Final update testimonial

I have been amazed by the results I got from the clear skin challenge. Danika at the Southampton clinic was so lovely and made me feel so at ease even when I was having the Isolaz treatment. 
Everything was explained to me every step of the way and I was told what results I could expect and when I could expect to see them. I love the way my skin looks now, I still get the occasional spot but I know how to manage it and how to get rid of it quicker. My skin no longer looks like I have a rash all the time. 
Danika also told me how to maintain my new skin and what products I should continue to use, I am definitely going to keep up with my new regime and I would recommend the treatment to anyone.