Jevaise's Story

Jevaise, 22

If I had clear skin it would do a great deal for me, I had had clear skin very briefly for a few months. In those few months I developed my career and gained more job opportunities and my relationships with family and friends was great too. I want to feel the way I did for these few months continuously.

I was really happy to finally be going in for my consultation as I am really grateful to be selected as part of this project. As soon as I got to the clinic my perception was that yes, they are going to be able to help me!

The consultation was great, everything was explained really well, and some of the tests on the skin and analysis the therapist did was enlightening. She was also a really friendly and approachable woman. 

I have been recommended a course of Salicylic Skin Peels and the whole sk:n Anti Blemish range of products for daily use. The importance of this skin care regime at home was highlighted and I’ve stuck to it since!

Mid-Treatment Update

I'm half way through my treatment, having had 6 treatments. It's going really well, and I'm really impressed with both the treatment and the products I was recommended. I've been sticking to it religiously, and my favourite is definitely the Pore Refining Lotion, it feels so great on the skin.

Both myself and my friends and family have noticed a reduction in my blemishes; which in return has made me 100% more confident and more open in social situations, which is what I was after.

The team at the Holborn clinic have made me feel very comfortable and they're doing a great job.