Devi's Story

Devi, 25

I'm tired and frustrated with the state of my skin. The sheer amount of reading and research I've tried to do, not to mention the money spent on every other product and treatment on the shelf. Even using products which caused other effects to my skin. I've made so many changes to my diet, it's hard to keep track.

I'm constantly hoping and praying that I'll find something that will finally clear my skin up properly. I'm hoping I'll finally feel like an adult and not a pimply teenager hacking their way through life.

I was slightly anxious before my consultation, but as soon as I arrived at the Liverpool clinic I relaxed. Everything was explained clearly, the girl that saw me was very friendly and helpful. She put me to ease quickly and I felt comfortable opening up to her.

I have been recommended a home skin care regime using the Vitamin Rich Cleanser, Hydrator, Blemish Control Lotion, SPF moisturiser and/or Pore Refining Lotion (depending on time of day). As well as a course of Salicylic Peels and a course of Isolaz.

Mid-Treatment Update

I’ve now had 5 out of my 12 treatments, and have been following the at home skincare regime religiously. Progress is coming along slowly but steadily. The most dramatic reductions happened at the beginning.

There has been a noticeable difference since two months ago when I entered into the Clear Skin Challenge, and my friends have noticed that my acne is getting better.

The staff are all very professional, polite and kind and greet me with a smile when I enter the clinic. She explains the process thoroughly to make sure I know what is going on every step of the way which is very much appreciated. During a particularly difficult salicylic peel, the nurse even fanned me off to try to keep me cool.

Final Update

I have now finished my round of treatments with sk:n. I appreciated being welcomed into the Liverpool clinic with a smile and greeting every single time I stepped through the door.

All of the nurses that treated me were friendly, and explained every step thoroughly to ensure I understood what was happening.

The at-home product regime was easy to follow, even though there were lots of products to use, once the pattern was established it was easy to work into my usual routine.

There were definite improvements over the four to five months, but due to hormonal flare ups and other outside causes my skin is still not as clear as I want it (although it has reduced) so I think more treatments may be required.

I would recommend going to sk:n and seeing what they can do for you!