Chloe's Story

Chloe, 25

In my job I have to give client facing presentations and at nearly 25 it makes me feel like a teenager and completely robs me of confidence. It's a bad enough situation socially, but professionally as well just gets ridiculous.

All I want is smoother skin, and for it to be calm enough for me to cover with a little make-up.

I wasn’t really nervous before my consultation, I had read some information on the website before arrival and so knew what to expect.

When I got to the clinic, the staff were very friendly and welcoming, which is really important when you have a condition you are embarrassed about. The clinician was lovely and fully explained the cause of acne and explained in depth how the different treatments would improve the condition. She listened to my concerns, and had a good knowledge of the varying amounts of success people have had. She even suggested what make-up I could try that would be helpful for my skin. I felt like she could relate to what I was going through, and offered her own feelings of her experiences.

I have been recommend a course of both Isolaz and Salicylic Peels, as well as a full product regime to use at home including SPF 30, Cleanser for oily skin, oily skin exfoliator, anti-blemish hydrator (mornings), pore refining lotion (evenings) and blemish control lotion. After two weeks I can already see a difference in the texture of my skin!

Mid-Treatment Update

Both the treatment and the products are having a really good effect on my skin. I no longer have painful, under the skin spots that I previously had and my skin is very smooth to touch. I still have scarring, but this should decrease throughout the remainder of the treatment course.

I have noticed a massive difference in my skin, and so have my friends, family and colleagues! Despite the fact I still have to wear make-up due to the scarring, my skin doesn't have raised angry bumps and is smooth to see and touch,

I feel so much more confident in myself, both in professional and social situations.

The practitioners have been incredibly helpful with any questions I have had, which makes a big difference when it's a treatment on your face.