BOTOX® in London Wall

BOTOX® in London Wall is available at the state-of-the-art sk:n clinic in the financial and historic district of London Wall.

BOTOX® is a protein used by cosmetic practitioners to treat moderate to severe glabellar lines (brow furrows), wrinkles, lines and facial creases. BOTOX® in London Wall consists of a small, safe dose of a diluted and purified form of the toxin Botulinum that enables controlled weakening of the muscles that control facial expressions like frowning and smiling.

BOTOX® in London Wall does not require an anaesthetic and takes just a few minutes to perform depending on the number of areas being treated. BOTOX® is injected into the muscle with a fine needle to minimise discomfort and maximise accuracy.

Dr Jeremy Halfhide is an expert in BOTOX® treatments in London Wall. Dr Halfhide is assisted by a team of highly trained professional nurses and therapists committed to ensuring every client receives the highest standards of treatment, service and care.

London Wall is a historically significant location where the Romans built the first defensive wall around Londinium between 190AD and 225AD. Fragments of the wall can be seen at Cooper's Row, there is a 13th century bastion still standing at the Barbican Estate and a statue of Trajan stands in front of a section of wall in Tower Hill. A short walk from London Wall is the Museum of London, one of London's best museums. The museum houses a fascinating collection of exhibits that bring to life pre-capital settlements from the Roman era to the Saxon, medieval, Tudor and Stewart periods.