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BOTOX® in Glasgow

BOTOX® is one of the most common anti-wrinkle treatments used to combat the signs of ageing. Skin usually starts to lose its elasticity when people reach their 30s and 40s and as elasticity relaxes, facial movement lines become more permanent.

BOTOX®, a purified form of Botulinum, is a quick and relatively painless treatment that counters the effects of ageing. BOTOX® in Glasgow can effectively smooth frown lines around the mouth, banish crow's feet and erase lines on the forehead within a few days of treatment. Depending on the number of areas you are treating, BOTOX® in Glasgow can take just a few minutes.

BOTOX® treatments in Glasgow are performed at the Gordon Street sk:n clinic. Dr Robert Herd, an eminent and highly respected medical practitioner, is a specialist in a range of skin treatments including dermatology and BOTOX®.

If you are visiting for BOTOX® in Glasgow, do not miss the opportunity to explore the city's many diverse attractions. From shopping to museums, galleries to concerts, distilleries to gardens, Glasgow has something for everyone. Visit the Glasgow Necropolis, a unique Victorian garden cemetery alongside the magnificent Glasgow Cathedral. Take a tour of the painstakingly restored Tall Ship on the banks of the River Clyde and gain insight into what it was like to sail the high seas in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. For some retail therapy, head to Princes Square, a magnificently renovated 1841 listed building housing posh boutiques, jewellery stores and speciality shops.


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