You’ll never guess where we can treat with laser hair removal!

By Francesca Dantonio 9th August 2019 Category: Advice

Baring more of our skin in the summer months can often highlight those body areas where you may have annoying and unwanted hair growth. We have hair follicles all over the body except for on the lips, palms of the hands and soles of the feet, so it’s no surprise that many of us spend far too much time shaving, waxing or plucking unwanted hair. According to a survey carried out by Realself (2018) 29% of adults in the UK are considering laser hair removal and as we become increasingly time poor in our busy lives, this could be the answer to your onerous daily hair removal routine.

Laser hair removal to can treat most body areas and even the smallest or hard to reach parts. Areas include face, underarm, bikini, legs and you can also opt for a full body treatment. Our laser hair removal treatments are increasingly popular with men, with the most common areas treated are face (cheek area) back and chest.  Did you know you can also remove hair from much smaller areas including eyebrows, earlobes, naval, nasal, fingers, toes, and nipples? Here are our most popular smaller areas…

Nasal hair

Laser hair removal can target the most visible nose hairs on the inside edge of the nostril, preventing those annoying hairs from hanging out the nose. We can also treat the upper nose, sides, tip and bridge. Most people will pluck these hairs, which then reappear after a few days. Laser hair removal gives you up to 90% permanent hair reduction once you have completed your course. The procedure will take no more than 15 minutes and has no downtime. From £47 per session.

Fingers and toes

If you love to wear sandals or strappy heels, you may be worried about hairy toes, or hair on the top of the feet. Or if you have coarser, dark hair on the fingers this may be causing you embarrassment. These small areas can be treated quickly and effectively with laser hair removal treatment. From £43 per session.


As embarrassing as it might feel, hair around the nipples is quite common. Although this is a natural thing, it doesn’t have to be permanent and can be treated effectively. Laser hair removal is not painful, it has been described as like an elastic band flicking onto the skin. The more treatments you have, the less pain you will feel as there are fewer hair follicles targeted. From £48 per session.

Our experienced and professional practitioners go through extensive training and we only use high-grade lasers. We can adjust the laser to your skin shade and we will always carry out a patch test before we begin your treatment. To gain optimum results, opt for a course of 6-8 treatments. Read more about our treatment courses here.


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