What to avoid before laser thread vein treatment on your face?

By Francesca Dantonio 5th August 2012 Category: Advice

Facial thread veins are a common occurrence and having laser thread vein removal treatment is becoming increasingly popular. Here at sk:n clinics, we can help you to reveal a brand new complexion. If you’re thinking about treatment, however, what should you avoid beforehand?

Thread veins are often partly due to sun damage. As such, avoiding sun exposure prior to treatment is essential, especially for facial thread veins. This of course extends to the use of tanning beds which can easily cause intense sun damage. For about a month beforehand you should avoid excessive sun and tan bed exposure, and if you are particularly tanned, it could be best to postpone your treatment as the lasers may cause patches of skin to pale.

If you’re prone to cold sores, then you might need to invest in anti-cold sore tablets. In facial areas the laser light can trigger cold sores to form, so you might benefit from some extra precautions.

More about Facial Thread Vein Removal

Thread vein removal is an effective skin therapy, and can really reduce unsightly veins giving your skin a new lease of life. Here at sk:n clinics we use high grade, sensitive lasers to target the veins and help to break them down. Your normal skin won’t be harmed as the lasers are only used in short bursts and your skin will be cooled throughout.

If you’ve never had laser treatment on your thread veins before, you’ll need to have a test treatment to see what dosage is most suitable and to gauge how your skin responds. This could be enough to remove small thread veins, but if you have a larger area to treat then you’ll need a full treatment session.

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