UV scanners help by revealing sun damage

By Francesca Dantonio 10th July 2012 Category: Advice

In the U.K there are about 2500 deaths from skin cancer every year, with over exposure to the sun’s strong UV rays as the biggest single reason for contracting it.

There is much we can do to help prevent it, as well as preventing the other side effects of sun damage such as wrinkles, through protecting ourselves with sunscreen and also limiting the amount of time we spend in the sun.

It is difficult however to know how much damage our skin has already suffered from the sun, and so what our risk levels are. Over exposure to UV rays can also cause other skin conditions such as unsightly skin pigmentation, coarsening of the skin and premature wrinkles. We won’t necessarily know what damage is being inflicted to our skin until it is too late; once the effects of sun damaged skin are visible they are often hard to treat.

Benefits of skin scan

Undertaking a skin scan will reveal the levels of skin damage that you wouldn’t normally be able to see. It will reveal any brown spots, freckles and redness, all of which are usually signs of skin damage. Though it doesn’t treat the sun damage itself, usually revealing the damage that has already been done is enough to ensure that the right steps are taken to minimise the future risk of sun damage.

As well as making sure that you continue to protect your skin in the sun, and to reduce your time in it, it also allows you the opportunity to understand what other protective products your skin may need to help minimise potential future skin conditions, such as pigmentation.

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