Make the change you need as a transgender person with laser at sk:n.

By Raj Phull 22nd February 2015 Category: Advice

sk:n, the Nation’s Skin Clinic has recently started providing laser hair removal treatments for transgender patients on behalf of NHS England.

We know that for many of our trans clients, the presence of facial hair is one of the biggest hurdles to ‘passing’ and can cause daily anguish. Electrolysis, whilst useful on grey and white hair, does not give the results of laser and requires some visible hair for the therapist to zap. With laser hair removal, however, a shaven area works best, as the laser works below the surface of the skin to kill the hair at the root.


Laser works best on darker hair, and clients typically see a reduction of 10 to 15% of hair in each treatment. About 8 treatments are usually enough to reveal smooth, hair-free skin which will only require minimum maintenance over the coming years. A list of FAQs is here.

sk:n have been the The Nation’s Laser Experts for 25 years. Having worked in partnership with the NHS since our conception, in Harrogate in 1990, we are still the most referred to clinic by GPs and other Healthcare Professionals. That’s because they know that our nationwide network of clinics still, and always will, operate to the highest medical protocols. Most of our doctors and dermatologists also work for the NHS and we maintain standards of clinical excellence more in line with a small hospital than a clinic. No clinic is more regulated, and we are the only chain of clinics to win both the main Industry Awards for excellence.

     “I wish I’d started this earlier. The results are great and I already feel so much more like the person I am.”

Our lasers are the most advanced and all practitioners are trained for up to 12 weeks before they can laser a client independently, and only then after a period of supervised practise.

For that reasons, as a transgender client, you are now able to opt to have your hair removal at one of sk:n’s 52 nationwide clinics, with opening times extending up to 9pm. Many clinics are also open 7 days a week.

All you have to do is speak to your Gender Consultant about receiving your hair removal treatment at your local sk:n clinic and they will refer you or provide you with the contact details you need.

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We have been providing hair removal treatments to Transgender patients on behalf of NHS England for over a year now. Our patients are extremely happy with the level of service they receive within our clinics from our sensitive, professional caring practitioners. We are keen to continue growing our work with NHS England in raising awareness in the Transgender community’s very specific needs in this regard and to extend the most professional, empathetic service possible.

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