Top tips to remove an ingrowing hair

By autmn blakeman 2nd October 2012 Category: Advice

It’s not rocket science. When hair grows the wrong way, namely under the skin instead of outwards, you have an ingrown hair.

Although it is a benign condition, the cluster of little bumps on the skin which ingrown hairs cause, makes for a very painful and unsightly situation which requires effective treatment – as in severe cases the condition can lead to infection, scarring and discolouration.

Causes of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be genetic, but they can also be caused by shaving against the grain (the direction the hair grows), on the face, legs or bikini area. Waxing, the friction caused by tight clothing, and dead skin debris blocking the hair follicle can also cause ingrown hairs.

Treatment of Ingrown Hairs

In some cases an ingrown hair will grow so long it will free itself. To aid it in this natural process,¬†microdermabrasion works absolute wonders. You can also opt for the old-fashioned method of spraying some antiseptic on the affected area and delicately plucking the hair out from under the skin with a pair of tweezers. However, if your ingrown hairs plague you on a frequent basis, or if you just want to ensure that they’ll never return,¬†laser hair removal is the preferred and recommended option.

Tips to Avoid the Recurrence of Ingrown Hairs

Prevention is better than cure, and the best treatment for ingrown hairs is to ensure you never get them in the first place. Always thoroughly clean and scrub any area of your skin before shaving, as it will encourage the hair to point outwardly and ensure simplicity of removal. A hot shower beforehand will make a big difference as it will soften the hair. Razor blades should never be pressed too hard against the skin and they should never be allowed to become dull or blunt as they can damage your skin and lead to, you guessed it, ingrown hairs!

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