The REAL story of Before and Afters – sk:n clinics’ reaction

By Francesca Dantonio 3rd March 2015 Category: Advice

At sk:n, we’re constantly on the look out for the latest trends in dermatology and medical aesthetic treatments. We’ve seen it all, from caps that allege they can make your hair grow, to collagen drinks which promise ever-lasting youth.

But when we saw this fascinating article on the BBC website today, for once we were lost for words.

Before and After shots are a mainstay of the health and beauty industries. Clients find them captivating as deliver a perfect combination of motivation, human interest and the permission to judge some hapless stranger’s body….I know that I’ve personally been driven to buy a product after seeing particularly different Before and After shots because if it works for her, well, it will work for me! And of course, like the next woman, I find it impossible to turn the television over before the big reveal, from Grand Designs to Extreme Makeover.

In short, we all like a happy ending.

However, with huge advances in digital editing of photography, expertise in set lighting and the artful use of increasingly miraculous make-up, how do we know if we can believe our eyes? Volunteers for the BBC Wales programme, Week In, Week Out submitted to just two hours of spray tanning and posture advice to ‘transform’ their bodies from neglected and flabby to bronzed and toned. I was fooled, and I work in the industry – were you?

Here at sk:n, we take the use of Before and After photographs very seriously. Governed by the Medical Standards Team, (comprising some of the UK’s top dermatologists) all our advertisements and photography receives medical sign off before we publish.

Since all our treatments, even laser hair removal, comply with the strictest medical protocols, it would be nonsensical and unethical if we made false promises in our advertising. If you look at our website, you will see a large selection of sk:n staff or current clients in the photography, which is untouched and authentic.

Below (and at the top of the page) are some recent shots from our Clear Skin Challenge, helping acne-afflicted sufferers to get clearer skin over 3 months. We were delighted with the results, as they were, and the photography speaks for itself.


We’re proud to be The Nation’s Skin Clinic and proud to show you, truthfully and faithfully, how you can Discover Better Skin for yourself. Because we all like happy endings…

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