The best ways to lose weight

By Alok 29th October 2021 Category: Advice

The weight loss process can often be viewed as complex, overly scientific and daunting for many people. This blog aims to unravel some of the complicated jargon, clarify some of the basic concepts relating to metabolism and help guide you towards an effective and enjoyable weight loss programme. 

There are a wide range of diet plans out there that claim to provide the ultimate rapid weight loss solution, from the Atkins diet to juice cleanses and the apple cider vinegar diet. Although you might hear some reports of success when following diets such as these, for most people they are untenable and, in many cases, can be detrimental to health and wellbeing.

The basics

The fundamental science behind the process of weight loss is simple, and the ‘calories in, calories out’ paradigm is at the centre. The number of calories in is determined by the amount of food (or drink) consumed. The number of calories out is determined by the amount of energy that is used at rest, or the resting energy expenditure, in combination with the amount of physical activity undertaken and the amount of energy used to process the food that is consumed. In order to reduce body weight, a calorie deficit needs to be achieved. This means the number of calories out needs to exceed the number of calories in.

Once a calorie deficit is established, the body mobilises its energy stores to generate the fuel needed to carry out essential processes, this is when weight loss occurs.

How do I take advantage of the science?

When you consider the basics covered earlier in this blog, it is clear that there are two overall options when it comes to maintaining a calorie deficit, you can decrease the number of ‘calories in’ or you can increase the number of ‘calories out’ or you can do both simultaneously. What this means in reality is that eating less, or rather eating strategically, and moving your body more is the ideal weight loss combination.

How do I turn this knowledge into results?

The question at the forefront of many people’s minds is ‘how do I lose weight rapidly?’. Unfortunately, diet plans that claim to yield rapid, seemingly unrealistic results introduce two main problems. Firstly, many ‘fad diets’ that promote severe calorie restriction attempt to introduce unsustainable dietary choices that once altered lead to weight regain. Secondly, ‘rapid weight loss’ is commonly comprised of significant loss of fat-free body mass, with some loss of fat. This is due to the way human metabolism prioritises energy stores and can lead to loss of muscle mass and reduced bone density.

Instead of searching for ways of losing weight rapidly, a healthier and more sustainable approach is to make lifestyle changes that are realistic and fit comfortably into your routine. The Mediweight programme combines the advantages of achieving results quickly but safely during the slimming stages, with the long-term benefits of introducing healthier choices into the diet during the maintenance stage.

Macronutrients form the foundation of nutrition and developing an understanding of what macronutrients are and how they impact weight loss is crucial for achieving your long-term weight loss goals. You can read more about macronutrients here.

How is Mediweight different?

Rather than altering your lifestyle to compliment a generic weight loss plan, at Mediweight, our team of experienced doctors work with patients to develop personalised care plans that reflect individual preferences, lifestyles and circumstances. The reason for this is that when nutritional changes are moulded around you, they are more likely to become long-term lifestyle changes, and translate into long-term results.

Alongside the personalised care plans developed by nutritional experts, Mediweight incorporates a tailored package of non-surgical treatments into the experience. These treatments are designed to prevent the appearance of loose skin, help combat areas of stubborn fat, and reassure patients that all of the usual unwanted side effects of weight loss are minimised. 

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