Simple Tips to Stop Skin Peeling

By autmn blakeman 23rd August 2013 Category: Advice

Everyone loves coming back from their holiday and being able to show off their new tan. A tan makes us look healthy, often slimmer and genuinely leaves us feeling more confident. However, what happens when your beautiful suntan begins peeling, leaving your legs looking like snakeskin? Well don’t worry, here at sk:n we’ve got some top tips on how to care for your skin post-holiday.

Apply Plenty of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is brilliant for sunburn and is available in a gel format from many shops over the counter. It not only intensely moisturises the skin but it also soothes the pain and symptoms of sunburn. Buying an aloe vera plant to take extracts from can be very resourceful especially if you feel you’ll be using it in excess.

Exfoliate Regularly

It’s important that you don’t exfoliate whilst your skin is still suffering from sunburn as this will only anger the already irritated skin. Once you’ve treated your sunburn you can start by focusing on the peeling skin. Start by picking a simple exfoliating scrub that fits your skin type, if you have particularly sensitive skin you might want to choose a milder exfoliator to avoid irritation.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

It’s so important once you exfoliate your skin that you moisturise immediately after. Having got rid of old, dead skin cells it’s vital that you look after your skin to leave room for new ones to grow. There are several home remedies for this, like applying honey onto peeling skin but these have no proven success rates.

Visit a Dermatologist

Skin peeling in a small amount isn’t going to cause you any serious problems, however, if you think your skin peeling could be deteriorating it’s important you seek a consultation with an expert dermatologist to see if you’re suffering from any particular skin conditions. Don’t be a victim to peeling skin and fear looking like a snakeskin handbag, stop skin peeling today!

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