Should your teen get laser hair removal

By Raj Phull 29th December 2014 Category: Advice

Shaving your legs for the first time a rite of passage for most women; but once you start, you can’t stop. As soon as you start shaving, you’re committing yourself to a world of thick, coarse stubble that’s with you until you the end.

Entering adolescence can be a difficult time; our hormones are all over the place, friendships are fuelled with petty drama and we are finding ourselves covered in unwanted body hair.


Laser hair removal has been a blessing for many women and men as it can eliminate the need for constant grooming. But what about the younger generation, should teenagers be introduced to such a procedure?

Is it safe?

There are obviously certain factors that can affect the effectiveness, and sometimes safety of the procedure, but age isn’t one of them. Laser hair removal is completely safe for teenagers provided it is carried out by an experienced, qualified professional.


One of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal is the fact it is permanent; however, as teenagers hair growth can be faster and hormonal changes can play an impact. Results tend to become permanent once these hormonal changes have regulated around the age of 18.

The fact that laser hair removal may be temporary for many teens makes this a rather expensive procedure. Although it could take up to 6 months for the hair to grow back it makes it a decision that should be carefully considered.

Another thing to consider is whether your teen has the emotional maturity to comply with the strict pre- and post-treatment requirements. If your teen is feeling particularly insecure about their body hair, you may be keen to agree to a solution without ensuring both you and your child understands the risks and limitations involved.

Any reputable clinic will be able to take you through whether laser hair removal is right for your teen and explain how many sessions will be required.

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