Occupations in which tattoos are not accepted in the workplace

By Francesca Dantonio 26th January 2014 Category: Advice

As time has passed, tattoos have become a common trend, and are no longer just stereotypically expected to be seen on hard rock and heavy metal vocalists. The increase in people getting tattoos has led some human resources departments to alter their dress code policies and become more lenient towards tattoos being visible in the workplace.

However it’s important to note that not all HR departments are as open minded and willing to change the workplace policies and views. This has led to a number of people going for laser tattoo removal procedures to uphold their professional image in the workplace and simply just avoid any further hassle at work.

The main reasons why some companies remain strict towards their views towards employees showing their tattoos in the workplace is because 1) it doesn’t look professional and 2) some tattoos may be seen as rude or offensive to others. Below are some interesting examples of occupations, where tattoos are mostly not accepted in the workplace.

Police officers

A number of cities across the world are not keen on encouraging their police officers on having their tattoos and piercings on show. One of the biggest reasons behind this is that it simply looks unprofessional and sometimes intimidating to the general public.

Past research has shown that police officers in Dallas are now required to mask their tattoos and piercings when on duty. Apparently, law still perceives tattoos as something associated with law-breakers.

Administrative assistants/receptionists

Major blue chip companies will usually require their staff like their administrative assistants and receptionists to be tattoo free and dressed smartly. This is so they can look professional at all times especially if they have clients regularly visiting their offices for meetings and because they would essentially be the first point of contact.

Financial advisors

Those involved in a financial based career such as accountancy, being a bank clerk or financial advisor would rarely have their tattoos (if any) on show. This is mainly because, these types of people are involved in a lot of client or customer engagement, advising them on investments, mortgages etc. As stereotypical as this may sound, those that don’t have massive bold tattoos visible to the public eye usually come across to be more trustworthy and reliable when dealing with money matters on a day to day basis.

To sum up…

These were just a few examples of some occupations which are not so accepting towards tattoos and excessive body piercings. You don’t need to panic or stress any more about the tattoos you may have got in your younger days and be afraid that you could miss the chance getting your dream job because of them.

You now have the option of opting for tattoo removal at a professional skin clinic like sk:n near you. Find out more about the tattoo removal cost at sk:n by booking your free consultation today.

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