My experience of eDermastamp™ – from one of the sk:n team

By Raj Phull 5th March 2015 Category: Advice

One by one, members of the sk:n clinics teams are going to be blogging their experiences of our treatments. We can’t ask you to submit yourselves to being proded, zapped and peeled without doing it ourselves. So – here goes!

Today we’re starting with Juliet, who’s been at sk:n for nearly three years now. Juliet has worked in the Health and Beauty industry all her career, mainly at Boots before joining sk:n so is well used to the guinea pig process..

“I wanted to try eDermastamp™, because I spent some months living overseas where I overdid the sun worshipping. Sun damage, or UV damage, accounts for up to 95% of the signs of ageing – not just the wrinkles but squint lines, and pigmentation. In fact, an uneven skin tone has been proven to be more ageing than the presence of lines and wrinkles and mine, at the age of almost 44, was pretty mottled and reddened.

Dermapen Client - Juliet

So, I handed myself over to Lisa, our Medical Standard’s Manager and an experienced nurse, who told me what to expect.

Microneedling treatments work to induce youth boosting collagen production deep into the layers of your skin. The treatment creates thousands of tiny contact points in the skin so that your body is encouraged to naturally repair itself. As your skin repairs, the production of collagen and elastin is triggered to give an almost immediate plumping effect. The body’s natural repair reaction to the treatment also helps to tackle other skin damage such as scarring, dark marks and sun damage.”

Sounds good to me. So on went the local anaesthetic cream…and I went and sat somewhere private for an hour to wait!

Dermapen - Before Shot

The treatment felt fine – well, to be honest, I could barely feel it at all. As my face was pleasantly numb, it really felt like an electric toothbrush being passed over my skin and I actually fell asleep during it! (mind you, I have been known to fall asleep having my eyebrows waxed, but honestly, this was completely painfree.) I asked Lisa what she applied to my skin during the treatment and she told me,

“The solution applied to the skin, contains hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins and peptides. These act by stimulating cell proliferation and so improving skin contours and elasticity. It fully hydrates the area and enhances results.”

Immediately following treatment, my face was pretty red! I do redden very easily, so I think I can confidently say you are unlikely to go redder than I am here..

Dermapen - During Treatment

The treatment took about 40 minutes, after which time Lisa gave me some CU3 cream (which feels slightly vaseliney) to hydrate and protect my skin. I also regularly sprayed with a cooling water spray. I felt as if I had bad sunburn, and it did sting slightly, but after about half an hour that stopped completely.

When I woke up the next morning, the redness had almost gone and I could cover what remained easily with some tinted moisturiser.

One week later and I’m delighted. Here’s me, with no make up on (other than eyes, and lippy, obviously) and I think you can see that my skin is calmer, smoother and more even. A course of three is recommended and I’ll definitely be popping next door for another in about four weeks’ time. ‘

Dermapen - After Shot

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