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By Raj Phull 12th March 2015 Category: Advice

At the beginning of the year, we heard predictions that tattoo removal would continue to grow, as more and more clients opt to have theirs removed by laser.

Former rapper-turned-film star, Mark Wahlberg told the Today show that not only was he having his tattoos removed, but he was taking his children to the sessions to discourage them from ever getting tattooed themselves…

“(The tattoos) all have meaning to me, but you know it’s both personal and professional,” Mark Wahlberg said. “I don’t want to have my kids getting tattoos….

There are rumours that a tattoo removal cream is in production, to effectively, ‘melt’ away the tattoo; however given that the ink is in the lower layers of the dermis, we are not confident that that will even be around in time for Mark’s children!

In the meantime, the best method continues to be by laser, which is what Marks says he is booking…

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How does it work?

At sk:n clinics, our advanced Q-Switched Lasers produce extremely short pulses of high energy light, which are absorbed by the ink particles in your tattoo, causing them to break down into tiny fragments. The minute particles of tattoo ink are then disposed of naturally by the body’s own immune system, resulting in less tattoo pigment and gradual disappearance.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. The laser energy is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink only, meaning that surrounding tissues are not affected and there is no lasting damage to the skin.

Does it hurt?

In more sensitive areas, Tattoo Removal is described as feeling like the flick of an elastic band. The slight stinging sensation can be eased by applying a local anaesthetic cream. You many experience some redness in the area following treatment, but it quickly subsides.

Will I be left with any marks?

Some clients experience a slight lightening or darkening of the skin in the treated area, though in most cases this returns to normal after six months. Occasionally the tattoo fades dramatically, but a ghosting effect remains.

What results will I see?

During your consultation your therapist will discuss your particular tattoo and the results you can expect to see. We aim to remove your tattoo in its entirety, which can take several weeks as your body works to take away the broken down ink particles.  For this reason we usually recommend a course of 10 to 12 treatments, with a four to twelve week’s break in between. Occasionally a tattoo may not be completely removed, even with the most advanced laser technology. The reason for this resistance to laser treatment is not known, but it is thought that the ink has penetrated too deep into the layers of the skin for it to be reached by laser, or because we can’t know the components that make up that particular injected ink.

What to expect?

Number of sessions: minimum of 6-10 sessions  (this can vary depending on the colour and depth of the ink)

Time: 8-12 weeks apart (depending on the healing process)


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