Is salt a method of Tattoo Removal?

By Raj Phull 4th January 2015 Category: Advice

At-home beauty treatments are very popular, they promise fast, easy results that match in-clinic procedures. A lot of these DIY treatments can be harmless but it’s never wise to try something that should always be carried out by medically trained professionals; safety should always be the top priority.

Tattoo removal is one of the potentially more dangerous procedures to try at home. Tattoos may be designed to be permanent but with a third of the UK sporting a piece of body art it’s very common for people to regret their decision to get inked.


Salt can be used for many purposes, but tattoo removal is definitely not one of them. Salabrasion is where a salt solution is applied to the skin and heated. The solution is then scraped away. In theory this will remove the skin with the ink.

Not only does this sound incredibly painful, but it will almost certainly leave you with a nasty scar. You’ll simply be replacing your unwanted design with an unwanted scar over a slightly faded version of your tattoo. It is also possible that this method will make you prone to infection which can cause even more problems.

Where did this method come from?

Any good tattoo parlour will provide you with clear aftercare instructions, which should include not submerging your new print into salt water. This is because it can lead the ink to disperse and possibly fade but some people may assume that it will cause the procedure to be reversed.

The safest and most effective means of getting rid of your ink is laser tattoo removal. As long as you choose a trusted clinic that is qualified and experienced, laser tattoo removal will provide you will the most desirable outcome.

It’s simply not worth putting yourself through pain and possibly infection only to end up with your tattoo looking worse and harder to remove.

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