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There are so many types of diet and weight loss plans available it can be very confusing to know which one is right for you as an individual.

We can make the choice simple with our personalised and medically supervised weight loss process called Mediweight. Our Mediweight body transformation programme delivers fast, effective, medically supervised weight loss.

But what is Mediweight and how does it work? Read on to find out the facts about Mediweight and how to get in touch for a consultation.

What Is Mediweight?

Mediweight is a medically supervised programme devised to support you to lose weight quickly and safely. It’s a doctor-led, non-surgical weight loss solution with a personal approach that focuses on you as an individual.

Mediweight uses several different elements to help you develop healthy lifestyle habits that will keep your weight off in the long term and contribute to a feeling of overall wellbeing.

A doctor will work with you to organise a personal care plan that fits in with your own individual needs. The Mediweight loss diet plan delivers effective weight reduction alongside body contouring treatments that target diet-resistant body fat and help to firm, tone and tighten skin.

As different people have different weight loss needs, Mediweight has developed two types of programmes: Complete and Rapid, each one of these is tailored to your personal health and wellbeing goals.

  • Mediweight Complete is suitable for people who want to lose 2 stones/12kg – or more.
  • Mediweight Rapid has been designed for people wanting to lose less than 2 stones/12kg.

How Does The Mediweight Programme Work?

The Mediweight programme is made up of the following key components:

  • A confidential consultation with a doctor who will ensure you are suitable for the programme by taking a detailed medical history and blood tests.
  • Weekly appointments for weigh-in, and organising your food supplies.
  • A flexible eating plan which includes a variety of high protein foods with additional servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • Body contouring treatments that target the unpleasant common side effects of weight loss like loose, saggy skin and diet-resistant body fat.
  • Expert nutritional advice and guidance, before, during and after weight loss.
  • Support from a specialist psychologist helping you to change the way you think and behave around food.
  • A support network where clients can connect with other patients to discuss and support each other with the dietary plan. There is also a Mediweight coordinator on hand to support you at all times.
  • Continued support after you’ve completed the programme to help you keep your new weight and shape.

What Foods Will I Be Eating?

The Mediweight eating plan has been designed to easily fit into your everyday life and there’s a wide range of foods to choose from, so you can design meals you enjoy.

There is a focus on eating foods that both boost the metabolic rate and stabilise blood sugar levels, which will help curb any cravings and help stimulate lipolysis – the process by which fats are broken down in our bodies.

In the Mediweight plan, you will be eating fruits, vegetables and proteins foods (towards the end of the programme) while limiting foods high in carbohydrates or that are refined or processed.

  • Low-starch vegetables- like broccoli, courgettes celery, spinach and lettuce.
  • Low-sugar fruits – e.g raspberries, kiwis, apples and grapefruit.
  • Lean meats and fish – e.g chicken, turkey or beef (towards the end of the programme).
  • Other high protein foods like eggs, tofu or tempeh.
  • Nuts, seeds and oils.
  • Beverages like tea and coffee.

Some foods that are higher in carbohydrates may also be included in moderation:

  • Dairy products eg milk, cheese and yoghurt.
  • Whole grains like brown rice, oats and quinoa.
  • Starchy vegetables eg potatoes, parsnips and carrots.
  • Legumes eg kidney beans or chickpeas.

You will not be eating processed foods or sugar and will only have a limited amount of refined carbohydrates. The Mediweight programme also offers convenient packaged meals and other Mediweight products which you can purchase.

The Mediweight Diet Plan

After the initial consultation with a medical professional at one of our clinics, the Mediweight programme offers a phases approach, which is divided into three consecutive stages:

  • Acute weight loss stage – this is where you will eat a higher protein diet and your metabolic rate will be monitored at your weekly appointment.
  • Short term maintenance phase – where, as you get closer to your weight goal, you increase the amounts of proteins and carbs in your meals.
  • Wellness phase – in this phase, having met your weight loss goal, you transition to monthly clinic visits and move to a long term eating plan.

As Mediweight is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, these phases will last different lengths of time depending on the individual, but throughout you will be receiving weekly support and advice.

The Mediweight eating plan has been specifically designed to ensure that your metabolism burns stored fat and not vital muscle tissue, leaving you feeling lean, healthy and strong.

Key Takeaways

  • Mediweight is a doctor-led, supervised weight loss programme.
  • Mediweight is tailored to your individual weight loss, health and wellbeing goals.
  • Mediweight transforms your shape and body composition, targeting losing body fat and not muscle tissue.
  • It starts with a doctor consultation, who takes a full medical history and assesses your health.
  • The programme includes body contouring treatments that target diet-resistant body fat and help to firm, tone and tighten skin.
  • Weekly appointments with your Mediweight therapist include a weigh-in and your food plan for the week ahead.
  • You will receive expert nutritional advice and guidance, before, during and after weight loss.
  • The programme is structured in two, flexible phases, to keep you on track with your weight loss goal.
  • Continued support is available after you have reached your desired weight.

Call our specialist Mediweight advisers to find out more about the programme and book your doctor consultation.

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