Incredible ways to soothe skin after a glycolic acid peel

By Raj Phull 20th April 2014 Category: Advice

You can take years off your face with the help of a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments that are available out there. Getting plastic surgery to bring back the young-looking person in you is not just costly but it can also go terribly wrong.

You can keep your life simple by starting to invest in rejuvenation treatments like skin peels, which are just as effective and have proven to bring positive results to many.

Below are a number of glycolic acid peel after care tips that may be useful for you.

Stay away from too much sunlight exposure

Most skin experts would advise clients to avoid the sun completely for at least two weeks until their skin has healed. A chemical peel procedure mainly helps take care of brown spots, which are usually caused by sun and ageing.

Exposing your newly peeled skin to the sun can not only cause more brown spots to develop but can also leave you looking excessively red and aggravated. Make sure you apply sunscreen at all times once you are back out in the sun.

Keep your face moisturised

One of the easiest and effective ways to help soothe your skin after a peeling session is to ensure your face is always kept well-moisturised. A soothing lotion or cream that is free of anti-ageing or anti-acne chemicals should usually do the trick, leading your skin feeling silky smooth and pimple free.

Keep your face cool

Your skin can become fairly sensitive and vulnerable after a chemical peel session. It’s advisable that you use a cool compress to treat the area whenever your skin feels slightly itchy and sore. All you need to do is use a soft cotton cloth, dampen it with cold water and then start applying this to sore areas of your skin.

Further glycolic acid peel aftercare advice

You can find out more about the different rejuvenation treatments like skin peels that are available by booking your free consultation today. Our expert dermatologists all have one key objective, and that is to help you gain healthier and smoother looking complexion that you have always desired.

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