Improving Your Smile Without Touching Your Teeth

By [email protected] 11th March 2022 Category: Advice

Lips that are too thin can expose our gums and slide up our teeth, affecting our smiles. If you have a gummy smile, you may feel self-conscious. This blog will explain everything you need to know about whether lip fillers can mask a gummy grin.

Read on to learn how lip fillers might help you achieve a more attractive smile.

Will Lip Fillers Hide A Gummy Smile?

Lip fillers can be used to conceal your gummy smile. We can plump up your upper lips and lessen the amount of gum that shows by injecting filler into them. This is achieved by increasing the volume of the top lip, which conceals the gummy smile.

Check with your doctor to see if your top and bottom lips are balanced. When lip fillers are just injected into the upper lip, the lower lip will appear disproportionately large in comparison to the overall appearance of the smile.

I Have A Thin Upper Lip When I Smile

If you have a thin upper lip when you smile, a lip filler injection is an ideal alternative. If the surgery is done correctly, patients with even the thinnest smiles might walk away with larger, thicker smiles on both their upper and lower lips.

Unfortunately, lip filler injections will not work for everyone with a narrow grin. This is because some of us have thin smiles because our lips are small and lack volume, while others have thin smiles because they instinctively pull their upper lip inward while smiling. Lip fillers will not help those people who smile by pulling or bending their upper lip into their mouth.

The Lip Filling Procedure

An anaesthetic cream may be administered first to numb your skin. Then, the injections are given to the specific area of your face, which is then massaged. It might be uncomfortable but shouldn’t be painful.

To enhance the natural contour and plumpness of the lips, a medically designed semi-permanent solution is injected. This form of filler is based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the body, and was created with the goal of giving you a natural look whether you’re laughing or smiling.

Although the lip filler surgery only takes a few minutes and is minimally invasive, there may be some small side effects. After the procedure, your lips will be puffy, and you may experience redness or a burning sensation at the injection site.

A timeline for lip filler swelling is as follows:

  • It may feel unpleasant for the first two days because your lips are swollen; nevertheless, this is a transient stage that will pass.
  • On the third and fourth days, you’ll undoubtedly notice bruising and bumps on your lips. Don’t be concerned; this, too, will pass.
  • Lip filler swelling should last no longer than 14 days. If any of these symptoms persist, see your doctor as soon as possible.


Key Learnings

  • If you have a thin upper lip or show gums when you smile, lip fillers can perfectly enhance your lips to perfect your smile.
  • The lip filler procedure may be uncomfortable but not painful. After around 14 days, your lips will be plump and ready to show off.
  • Always contact our experienced medically trained staff if you have any doubts, queries or questions.

Find your nearest clinic and arrange a free consultation with one of our trusted dermatologists for advice on how lip fillers can work for you.

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