How your weight can affect your skin?

By Raj Phull 5th October 2014 Category: Advice

An individual’s weight can have a big impact on one’s overall health as well as skin management. The role weight can play on hormone levels and functions carried out throughout the body can make daily life an even bigger struggle.

Being overweight

Everyone knows that the kind of diet that contributes to an unhealthy weight can lead to bad break outs but there are more severe effects of being excessively overweight that can be extremely damaging to your skin. The amount of skin in general is increased when someone is overweight and this can contribute to a number of issues.

This excess skin can contribute to large areas of irritation and blisters, rashes, excess moisture and breaks in the skin that can lead to nasty infections. Even if the weight is lost, there is still the extra skin to deal with and this can cause delays in psychological recovery. Only by discussing the problem with a skilled and experienced surgeon can you know you’ll be in the best hands.

Being underweight

Often less well known are the side effects of being underweight. The affects on your skin from being underweight can vary based on the individual. It can cause the skin to become very dry and even develop an orange tinge.

Maintaining a healthy weight is not only important for your skin but for your health in general. Any medical conditions or questions should always be discussed with experienced professionals. Dermatologists, as well as doctors are nurses can ensure you not only get the results you want but you’re taken care of emotionally and physically.

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