How to deal with moles and pigmentation

By Raj Phull 2nd September 2012 Category: Advice

When it comes to moles and pigmentation issues, there’s a sliding scale of how they impact upon our self-confidence.

Moles are common among everyone and so mole removal only ever really crosses our minds if a risk of melanoma occurs, or if a facial mole is considered to be unsightly.

Again, skin pigmentation can be something that isn’t an issue, if it’s a small patch under the arm for instance. When skin pigmentation occurs in a more noticeable area though, such as on your legs, making you feel uncomfortable with yourself in a summer dress, or on your face, it suddenly becomes far more a source of concern. So what is the best course of action?


There’s an interesting dichotomy when it comes to this particular skin lesion, for they are affectionately known as beauty spots to those who aren’t concerned about having them (even quite proud), and moles to those who’d rather they weren’t there. Whilst moles are not harmful, as such, each mole is an area of skin that is more susceptible to melanomas – a type of skin cancer.

Whether you want to avoid the risk of developing a melanoma, or simply have a mole that makes you feel uncomfortable with yourself, the best option is mole removal. This process requires minor surgery to have the mole cut away. The remaining area is stitched up and heals leaving a small amount of scarring that fades in time to become more-or-less unnoticeable. Dependent on how prominent the mole is, it may be possible to remove it using a microdermabrasion procedure.

Skin Pigmentation

If you are having skin pigmentation issues then the way forward could well be to opt for a microdermabrasion procedure.

This will remove the upper layer of your skin and with it the pigmentation that is causing you concern. This is a highly effective form of treatment that can be used for the removal of small scars, uneven skin tone, birthmarks, sun damage, tattoos, age spots, stretch marks and moles.

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