Have gorgeous hair – prevent scalp build up!

By Francesca Dantonio 1st December 2012 Category: Advice

If there’s one thing we all hate, it’s getting scalp build up that makes your hair look dull and makes you feel embarrassed. There are skin care treatments to help prevent scalp build up and have gorgeous looking hair every day.

But before you can know how to fight scalp build up, you have to know how to fight it. And for that, you might be worth talking to a dermatologist.

Causes of scalp build up

Scalp build up could be caused by many things, but visiting a dermatologist might help and it’s always good to get a professional’s view on which skin care products are safe and effective for you to use. Scalp build up is generally a conditional problem caused by the use of hair products and your own cleansing habits. Scalp build up can easily be cleared using quality hair and scalp skin care products. Build up should not be confused with dandruff, which is a yeast infection in the scalp.

Dandruff (Pityriasis simplex capillitii) causes the skin on the scalp to flake and can be very itchy, and it’s this that can lead to a build up of skin in the hair, making it look greasy. For really beautiful hair, use shampoos formulated for dandruff and use special scalp skin care products to ease the itching and soreness.

By visiting a dermatologist however, you could find that there is a slightly more serious condition that needs proper skin care treatments, such as psoriasis, which is identified by patches of red skin and flaky scales. Conditions such as this can cause a build up of skin but will need proper treatment in order to get beautiful shiny hair.

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