Hair removal options for diabetics

By autmn blakeman 27th February 2014 Category: Advice

It gets slightly more complicated when it comes to hair removal for diabetics. This is mainly because diabetics have more sensitive skin and are usually prone to injury and infection, which is why they need to be more cautious with the hair removal method they choose.

Below is some useful information about the various hair removal options that are available for diabetics, so start taking notes!

Laser hair removal for diabetics

Laser hair removal is no doubt one of the most favoured hair removal procedures available out there, but there are some important side effects diabetics should know before proceeding with the treatment. For example, diabetics can feel more pain with laser hair removal due to sensitive nerves and tissues and are usually more susceptible to infections due to the slower healing response.

Hair epilators for diabetics

As hair epilation involves the removal of the entire root, the empty swollen hair follicle may be more susceptible to infection. Sanitising epilator heads and tweezers by rubbing alcohol before usage will help to reduce the likelihood of an infection spreading. It would also be a wise idea to talk to your dermatologist to find out more about where your body hair epilation or plucking can be executed.

Hair removal creams for diabetics

Some findings have shown that the skin of diabetics may be too sensitive for the harsh chemicals of depilatory creams. If this is your preferred method of hair removal, it would be advisable to consult with a trained physician before experimenting with different products and methods.

To sum up…

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