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By shaun 15th May 2021 Category: Advice
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Lip fillers have been thrown right into the mainstream beauty consciousness in recent years, most notably after Kylie Jenner revealed she had had fillers in 2015, and more recently with shows like ‘Love Island’, whose cast members demonstrate just how common lip fillers now are.

Lip fillers & cheek fillers can enhance your natural beauty and offer subtle, natural-looking results – if they’re delivered properly by a qualified practitioner. But with so many unscrupulous providers out there, getting the look you want can be a risky business and, if you’re not careful, leave you looking less ‘Love Island’ and more ‘Botched’.

So, we thought we’d tap into some of the clinical expertise we have here at sk:n and asked our Group Medical Director, Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, to give us the lowdown on what to expect from this treatment. Here he sets out five things you need to know before getting lip fillers…

1. You should have a medical consultation beforehand

“They will ask about your medical history, check that you are suitable for the procedure and you can ask questions and raise any concerns,” says Dr Al-Niaimi. The treatment should then be delivered by a trained, healthcare professional with a prescribing qualification. “It shouldn’t be a beauty therapist, as they are not medically trained and do not hold prescribing qualifications.”

2. Fillers don’t have to mean ‘trout pout’

We’ve all seen the dreadful pictures of celebrities who’ve overdone it with their lip fillers. But the trout pout look is easily avoidable. “When administered by a professional with extensive experience, dermal fillers can lift the appearance of your face, adding volume and definition. You don’t have to look completely different.”

3. They shouldn’t hurt

“They contain local anaesthetic to reduce discomfort and you can choose to have a numbing cream applied prior to treatment to make it more comfortable,” explains Dr Al-Niaimi. Most people don’t find it to be an uncomfortable experience, though.

4. The results aren’t permanent

Lip fillers can last anywhere from three to 18 months, depending on the type of filler used, the area injected and lifestyle factors. “How quickly your body breaks down the filler can also have an effect, and your practitioner can give you an estimate of how long your filler may last during your consultation.”

5. You may experience side effects

You might see some redness, swelling and bruising after the procedure, but this will fade after a few days. “Your practitioner should ask to see you for a follow up appointment 2 – 3 weeks after your treatment to assess your results; it is important you attend and if you are experiencing and concerned about any side effects, call your practitioner immediately.”

For more on lip fillers or to book a free consultation, click here.

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