Eyebrow tattoo removal

eyebrow tattoo removal
By Elis Marcu 14th April 2021 Category: Advice

Cosmetic tattoos, such as eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner and lipstick, resemble makeup and can be a permanent means of simplifying your beauty regime. However, as trends change and the shape and style of your now permanent eyebrows haven’t, permanent makeup often goes wrong. Here is what you need to know about removing an unwanted eyebrow tattoo.

How to remove permanent eyebrow tattoos?

The most effective way of removing facial tattoos is through laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal works towards complete removal, with each session aiming to eliminate any remaining pigment in the skin. Permanent makeup removal treatments, such as eyebrow tattoos, fall under laser tattoo removal and as it is a large treatment umbrella, many areas of the body and face are eligible. 

There are some at-home tattoo removal methods, yet as the eyebrows are a very visible part of the face, mistakes cannot be easily hidden. 

Salabrasion is a painful, invasive at-home treatment that involves the physical exfoliation of the epidermis (the visible, first layer of skin) by rubbing salt over the tattooed area afterwards. This old-school, undesirable method of removing tattoos is extremely dangerous and can leave you with extreme pain and scarring. 

Tattoo removal creams are another at-home option, however as the eyebrows are a sensitive, delicate part of the face, they can cause irritation due to the harsh chemical content they inhabit. Removal creams have bleaching properties where pigmentation issues can also arise.

At-home dermabrasion machines, when used under improper supervision, can cause scabbing and scarring. They work to lighten tattoos by filing away the upper layer of skin – taking a similar approach to salabrasion.  

At-home removal methods such as salabrasion, removal creams and those that mimic professional treatments like dermabrasion, can all lead to adverse side effects such as burning, swelling, itching, scabbing, discolouration, infection and permanent scarring. Laser tattoo removal is recommended to avoid any long term, detrimental effects.  

How does laser eyebrow tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal are treatments that both follow a similar practice, so if you have had laser hair removal before, you will know what to expect from laser tattoo removal. Both treatments use hand held laser devices to target pigment in the skin, with tattoo removal targeting ink pigment rather than hair pigment.  

The wavelengths, either red light or infrared, in the laser disrupt the natural state of the pigment, causing the ink particles to shatter and dissolve. The tattoo removal works to remove any ink present and each treatment helps to fade and lighten the tattooed areas.

eyebrow laser tattoo removal

Developments in tattoo removal technologies mean that complete removal can be achieved, and in half the time as traditional tattoo removal. Picoway Tattoo Removal is an exclusive, innovative laser treatment available at sk:n that employs patented short-pulse laser technology to the target desired area. The high pulse repetition of the laser means that the ink is broken down faster due to the increased levels of concentrated energy aimed directly to the skin. 

How much does laser eyebrow tattoo removal cost?

Treatment length depends on tattoo variables like ink type and tattoo size. As the eyebrows are small treatments areas, less treatments may be needed compared to body tattoos. 

The amount of courses needed may also depend on what kind of removal you want to achieve, whether you require a full removal or just partial removal. Partial removals are common among clients who are mostly happy with their eyebrow tattoo, yet want to adjust the shape, thickness or style before revisiting their tattoo artist. 

Treatment packages and prices range from £52 to £98, and can increase depending on area size.

Key takeaways

  • Cosmetic tattoos can help simplify makeup routines, but can never guarantee satisfaction
  • Laser tattoo removal can be used to completely remove unwanted eyebrow tattoos 
  • At-home treatments can leave you with permanent alterations like scarring and discolouration
  • Picoway Tattoo Removal can be used as a quick option for fast eyebrow removal for those following a tight schedule 

Need help?

As the UK’s leading skin clinic, sk:n offers professional laser tattoo removal treatments for the eyebrows using state-of-the-art equipment. Our procedures are performed in the safest environments and under the highest medical practices. Find your nearest clinic and book an appointment today!

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