Electrolysis vs Laser hair removal

By Raj Phull 9th February 2013 Category: Advice

As technology has become more advanced, there has been an increasing amount of pressure as to which is the better hair removal treatment between laser hair removal and electrolysis. Of course, it can often be very dependent on the person’s hair type so seeking a consultation is advisable.

Galvanic Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a treatment that involves electrical epilation, inserting a tiny metal slide into each hair follicle that then delivers electricity, damaging the areas that create the hair. The process of galvanic electrolysis works with the reaction of electricity with a salt solution found in the hair follicle. This reaction causes a substance called sodium hydroxide, more commonly known as Iye. Eventually, with enough treatments this substance Iye will corrode the hair follicle. However, electrolysis isn’t always advisable for those with darker hair or wanting to remove a larger area of hair.

Laser Hair Removal for Larger Areas

Laser hair removal means that hair removal in larger areas is much more achievable. Electrolysis can be highly time consuming, as it targets each single hair follicle separately.

Electrolysis Tendency To Scar

Due to the nature of the metal slides being inserted into each separate follicle, even the most precise people performing the treatment can damage the skin on insertion leaving scarring. Laser hair removal can also be the less painful treatment of the two, with a mild discomfort commonly associated with electrolysis.

The friendly experts at sk:n clinics can give you a consultation to examine the best hair removal treatment for your hair growth. It doesn’t have to be painful of daunting.

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